Top 4 Android Video Editing Apps You Must have

4 Best Android Video Editing Apps You Must occupy. – Sometimes your high-feature supported video camera is not enough to make an awesome movie because you have to add special effects in captured videos by video editor software. If you are willing to spend a short time in front of the Smartphone then you need to install best video editing apps.

The handy video editing app of Smartphone is also the substitute option of computer-based video editing software. In this tip, I am going to describe some of the top video editing applications for Android device you must have. These apps offer basic features of video editing which lets you cut, split and add basic effects to the captured videos and make wonder movies.

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Android Video Editing Apps


Magisto the Magical Video Editor is a free of cost online video editing app for your Android phone. The app supports automatic feature, which means, you will not get any obstruction during video editing process and be able to provide high-quality output result. In addition, you can upload your edited video on YouTube with a single click.

The complete video editing process with Magisto app is truly simple because you have to follow only three steps. In the first step, select the video clips from your smartphone. The next step is to select a built-in soundtrack or from the integrated phone’s music library. The next step is to tap the button “Make my movie”, and the selected video clips are uploaded on the Magisto server. After editing the uploaded videos clips, it lets you download.

Install Magisto


HighlightCam Social is a freeware Android video editing app with limit use. It gives you to edit video clips only 10 times for free. After that, you will have to pay $2.99 for next 10 times. If you pay $9.99 then you will get additional features like music and high video resolution. HighlightCam Social app adds videos and pictures from your phone’s gallery and creates a movie. Every video editing process is done automatically.

Install HighlightCam Social App for  Android


Clesh video editor is a paid and professional video editing app. The price of the app is $3.99. The app works on Cloud-based video editing platform using the internet, where you will be assured of security, storage, sharing and accessing. Clesh app provides many features and settings in order to edit a video clips.

Install Clesh video


VidTrim is a on of the most popular Android Video Editing Apps and available in two versions (free and paid). The VidTrim paid version contains several enhanced features and costs $2.99. VidTrim app provides a group of editing tools and features for instance trimming, adding effects, transcoding (it helps you to adjust the quality and the resolution of the video), taking out the audio of the video in MP3 format and others. Once the edited video is ready, you can upload it to Facebook with a single click from the app main screen.

Install VidTrimFree

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