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seo tipsImportant Tips: The most important thing for any website owner to know is how an average user uses a search engine. Knowing these will make him use the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies better and more effectively allowing him to get a larger traffic and a maximum ranking. It is usually recommended to design the web pages or the websites for the users and not the search engines.

When a user visits a site often experiences unsatisfying results, then either the information of the site is poor or insufficient which creates a bad impact to even the search engine. On the either side, when the user is satisfied with the website, then it automatically creates a good impact in the search engine.

Users generally search for three types of queries:

  • Queries related to Transactions such as buying a product, paying an online bill or anything related to money.
  • Queries related to Information on any particular matter such as best colleges teaching science in Ahmadabad or others.
  • Queries related to navigation which lead to a particular online destination sites, such as Facebook Homepage or other sites.
  • Why to spend a significant amount of time on SEO strategies when a focus should be put on a broader scale. This information will teach the way users use search engine. Let us see:

Global Statistics on Search Engine Traffics

  • 90.62% traffic is sent by Google
  • 3.72% traffic is sent by Bing
  • 3.78% traffic is sent by Yahoo
  • 0.36% traffic is sent by Ask Jeeves
  • 0.35% traffic is sent by Baidu

Google is at the top according to the studies conducted by the comScore during October 2011:

The United States core Search market was headed by Google with a percentage of 65.4. Yahoo is standing just behind Google with a percentage of 17.2 and Microsoft websites with 13.4%. Microsoft is with Yahoo. These are statistics, but in a real world, the actual stats are different showing Google at the top. The searches made by Americans alone in one month was 20.3 billion with Google accounting for 13.4 billion followed by followed by Yahoo with 3.3 billion, Microsoft sites with 2.7 billion, Ask with 518 million and AOL LLC with 277 million. Total search queries were powered mostly by Google equaling 67.7% followed by Bing with 26.7%.

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