Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers

How to Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers.

Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers

If you are a frequent user of Netflix then you will be pleased to know that Super Browse which is an extension of Google Chrome and  Addon from Mozilla renders you to access all the hidden categories on your favorite interface with the least effort. As you browse through Netflix you will be bestowed with assorted genres to select from in the browser of your choice.

Netflix has an abundant of genres to opt for such as romantic, adventure, horror and children to name a few. However, as you browse through it, you will find the true story. Though there are a considerable number of options in Netflix collection they are far from reality. For example, you can easily find children and family category but it will be difficult to reach specific categories like Disney movies or movies concerned with children’s books. The same is the story with other categories as well.

How to Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers

Netflix is Better with Super browse

In order to change things uncomplicated for you, Google Chrome stages a free extension and similarly Firefox an Addon called Super browse. These utilities unquestionably heighten the experience of browsing on Netflix. With this, you effortlessly view all the hidden categories of Netflix that are present with the same menu as earlier though grouped in an alphabetical order.

Well, it seems easier to focus on narrow categories that are present on Netflix when you possess Super browse on chrome and Addon on Firefox.

Now with the super browse in your system, the whole world is at your feet. You can easily watch movies of all genres, languages and age group.

The matching movies and TV shows are exhibited as you select any category. From here you are free to browse and select movies of your choice.

Super browse locates links leading to the categories which are manifested on Netflix but avoid to advertise.

With this, it is better to bookmark the genres and view them in any browser of your preference. One may have to reload the extension a few times as it is not offered all the time.

Also, regular update of the extension will furnish you with new categories that are itself updated on Netflix.


Super browse is a great treat for recurrent users to Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers on their chrome or Firefox. It will render you with all the ID ‘s of your favourite shows and movies available in assorted websites.

Super browse for Chrome and for Firefox.

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