Enjoy Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10 devices Afresh

How to Enjoy Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10 devices Afresh.

candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10

Candy Crush Jelly Saga, an addictive game with exuberance and full of sweetness is surfaced for the users of Windows 10 with extra characters and the latest candies. In this post, we will drop down the significant points of this game along with how to play Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10 devices.

Features of Candy Crush Jelly Saga

  • No penny is required to own the game.
  • Comes with 120 levels.
  • Jelly Queen, your rival player after a certain level.
  • Pour jelly over the board to wrap up the levels.
  • Battle with the Queen in spreading the jelly and who finishes it first is the winner.
  • Fresh candies and booster to explore.
  • Share the scores, Enjoy with friends.

How to Play Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10 devices

Get Accustomed with the Game Board

  • A game board will be presented with candies and jelly scattered unsystematically on a specific area of the board.
  • The upper left exhibits the star slider that goes on progressing while you crash the same candies and spread the jelly.
  • Again on the right top edge, the level number of the game and the number of moves bestowed for that level is seen.
  • The moves are the number of turns you can pass through until the game approaches an end.
  • And the lower left has a Settings symbol to regulate the music, sound, and an exit button.
Play Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10

Different Modes

  • Initially one you across is the Jelly mode in this game. Here, you require matching identical and correlated candies to pour down the jelly all over the board.
  • And the second is the Boss Mode, a head-to-head battle will occur between the player and the Jelly Queen. The one who initially spreads the jelly by mingling the same colored candies will be the winner.
The Boss Mode of Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Accomplish the Set Goal

Before playing each level, the goal of it will be explained. If you have played the earlier versions, you must be sure of the patterns. Few patterns are to be formed in order to establish a new candy and if you are a newbie, the list goes here –

  • Join five in a row – When you mingle five identical candies in a row, a spotted candy will be created and it will eliminate the sweets that correspond to its color.
  • Match four in a row – A striped candy gets created when four are matched in a queue. This fresh candy will clean off the complete line when the successor will be matched.
  • Match five in a T shape – A wrapped candy comes into sight and bursts  when matched.
  • Match four in a 2×2 square – A fish comes into existence which will strike on the subsequently identical square.
  • Match six or more – It creates a glass sweet and is capable of altering the color of any sweet it is matched with and also improves the chances of creating a new candy.

Progress Through Levels

The game has 120 levels and to play further levels, you need to win the previous levels.

Some Game Strategies

  • To play Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10 devices, the first thing is you should put effort to learn to spread jelly via matching those candies that have jelly already on them.
  • Make a strategy by spending your time as the gameplay does not give you any limited time to finish the game. The planning is needed as you will be allocated a certain number of moves to spread the jelly on the board. So, before matching the candies, scan the board properly.
  • It is better to begin making matches from the lowest part of the board, or not less than near to it because it bestows a good chance of creating new candies in candy falls from the top of the game board.
  • Try to save the Jelly Fish for dangerous moves or when you see that you are about to run out of your moves.
  • The new characters included in the game are the mufflers, tiny caterpillars that are seated below the frosting on certain levels. So, the task is to free the Pufflers but when you crack the frosting, a part of it will be visible and when you attempt to catch them, they will move to another part of the board. So, keep an eye on frosting moves and predict the Pufflers movement accordingly. In the Boss Mode, catching them is a bit hard but you have to play.
  • Facebook friends are not necessary to obtain lives. You will be teamed up with random people on Facebook, permitting to facilitate each other the lives in necessity. When you demand lives and achieve, be ready to be demanded the same and give them cheerfully.
  • While playing Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Windows 10 devices Afresh opposite to the Jelly Queen, you require more attention. Both of you will play in turns and the one who pours extra jelly will be the winner. Confirm not to play on Queen’s colored candies it will be harmful as you will be helping her in defeating you.

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