How to Add Audio to Video File in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker has a decent choice to work on any video project. It offers numerous animations, visual effects, annotations. Features like Audio Video Mixing make Windows Movies Maker more valuable to users.

Making video clips or cutting any streaming video always fascinates common users. But, they feel extremely helpless when they have to add Audio Track in any ongoing projects. The condition becomes tougher when they realize there are no any audio files in the computer system to add into the project. Such scenario leads a user to access Internet and download audio files and after that try to insert into the project.

To provide adequate help, I am going to derive the method of ‘how to add Audio from Video Files in Windows Movie Maker’

Suppose you are in the middle of the project and have to insert Audio. Then you need to take these steps.

  • Type Movie Maker in Start Menu to open
  • In open Movie Maker application click on Home Tab after then click on Add Music
  • Then select Add Music from PC and Choose Add Music sub option
  • Choose music files, which does suit your project
  • Then navigate directory, where the file is stored. Select that stored file and click to open. Remember here, Window Movie Maker supports only these extensions like wmv, avi, flv, mkv, mov, m4v and vob. So your priorities don’t differ than above music files to store.
  • Audio imported may take time based on the size of music file. Once it is done all music tools option would be opened to support your creative work.

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