JAVA threats to computer system, How to uninstall it

A new news which is nowadays being spread in the tech world is that Java software in the browsers, created by Oracle Corp, which is free software and gets installed widely makes the computer system viable to the virus attacks and most importantly hacker and the chances to defend against them becomes nil. So the PC users are being requested to disable the Java software  These warnings were spread by major security firms like AlienVault, Rapid7 and others and have led the PC users to defend ever increasing threats from the hacker’s community.

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The code has been discovered by the researchers which lead to the exploitation of the flaw recently discovered in Java’s latest versions. A researcher manager in the AlienVault Labs, James Blasco said that the second piece of software “Poison Ivy” was released which helps hackers to gain control of the computers. Oracle placed an estimate of sitting on 97% of the enterprise computers. The java is installed in some form in near about every computer system present, so the Several security firms have advised disabling the java from computer systems. “Computers can be infected without even the user’s consent just by visiting websites which have a pool of hackers sitting to grab information” were the words quoted by senior research scientist with the security firm Accuvant, Joshua Drake. An engineering manager with Rapid 7’s Metasploit division Tod Beardsley had to say on this matter “any action can be performed by the attacker on the computer system which the victim usually performs if the computer system gets exploited.

Java being a programming language enables the user to write a set of codes that can virtually be run on any computer systems. Web developers widely use this programming language to make their websites accessible through any web browser which usually runs on Microsoft Windows PCs or Apple’s Mac. Users must disable java for universal use on the browsers was the advice given by Security Experts. They had advised using the Java plugins when prompted by trusted users.

To uninstall Java, visit Control panel (Follow this guide How to Open Control Panel on Windows 10). Select Program and Features here. Locate Java in the list and double click on it. Follow the onscreen suggestions until it gets uninstalled completely. Act before it is too late.

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