How to add Facebook Like Cover Photo on Twitter and change header

Twitter has become every person’s identity. Everyone is tweeting to literally become a twitter celebrity. Therefore, Twitter is also making various changes to make the accounts look more appealing. The layout on twitter is updated and a new feature similar to Facebook has been added. Just like a long cover photo can be uploaded on the Facebook account where the whole life history can be shown, a similar photograph can be uploaded on twitter to express the emotions. The Twitter has named it as Header. Twitter has a strong feeling that this feature will add more personality to the profile. This article speaks about the steps on creating a header on the Twitter account.

The latest feature is the appearance of the Photo streams below the tweets on iPhone, android and the iPad. Swiping the screen shows the photos which have been tagged or shared and any thumbnail can be tapped to view the images. The header photo feature has been added to keep the profile simple and consistent on iPhone, iPad and android devices.

The maximum file size of the image and the dimensions are as follows:

  • Minimum Dimensions: 1252*626
  • Maximum size of the image cannot exceed 5 MB

How to change the header image on Twitter

  • Make a login to the Twitter account.
  • A gear button appears on the top right hand corner. Click on it and click settings.
  • Click on the tab Design.
  • A pop up box appears, click on upload which is beside the header image option. Then, choose an image which supports the said dimensions and file size.
  • The various options such as zoom in and zoom out can be chosen to select the actual placement of the image and then click save to save it.
  • The job is done.

Changing the Twitter Header on the Twitter Android app

  • The foremost thing is the up gradation of the Twitter app to the latest version (Twitter 3.4.0)
  • Make a log in to the account in the app and then click the tab “Me” then make a click on the cog/gear icon.
  • Click on Edit profile. The photo can be uploaded from the pre-existing ones from the gallery or a new photo may be taken.
  • Then click save. The job is done to showcase your personality.

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