How to be assured website is Cleaned / Debugged after hacking

A webmaster or website owner felt himself in deep trouble when his website is hacked. Obviously, he starts to get rid of this crisis. Most of us get confused after clearing our website whether it is debugged or not. In this situation, we often forget normal practices and get confused.

But, First of all, In this condition, we should know that patience is the key because after a short period of time we all get the solution, and our website is debugged. Our website is hacked, but not our mind or brain. So we should try to be calm and do our work patiently. After debugging website the most prominent question is how should be assured that we have cleaned our website and now no problem is present. The solution to this question is Fetch as Google is available for us in Webmaster Tools, and with help of it, we may get assured that whether our website is debugged or not.

Fetch as Google is in Google Webmaster Tools, and it is enough to certify that our website has been cleaned after being hacked. In Google Webmaster Tools in health section on the fourth number in downside Fetch as Google menu is present. To check webpages we have to paste our URL of every page one by one in given space and click red button, Fetch. If our webpage is clear, then it indicates success, and if it is not clear it indicates as Failed. So after fetching all URLs, we should get confirmed that we have cleaned our website to go further. One can also submit these URLs by clicking Submit URL only to index.

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