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After purchasing Android device or mobile, the first question before us is about Apps. In other words we can say that without apps we cannot use an Android properly and perfectly.


We have to find and install important apps in android. Although a numerous android apps are available in the market but which is important and which is not, we find ourselves unable to decide. At this time it important to know that some important Apps like Amazon, Facebook, Google Maps are already installed as default in every models of Android.  We should also know that Android market apps is the default in every android devices. There are  large collections of compatible app in categories wise for all android devices can be found and downloaded from this market apps. Although maximum apps are in android market is free, but some apps will is not be free and have to pay some amount to download it.

Essential apps (Traffic, News Fun, Games and Social networking, Security) for android devices are as follows –

Social networking Apps for Android –

  • Beluga –

This is a user-friendly app. If we enable beluga group text service in android it permits us to group friend for making chat, direct communication. We find also online about our friend location through map.

  • Imo –

If we have a lot of friends and they we will access various instant messaging services. But don’t worry; Imo is best solution for this. Because it permits us to login every types popular instant messengers simultaneously.

  • Torrent Buddy –

In PC, Torrent is used to download anything and upload file for sharing on the internet. Thus Torrent Buddy app permits us to download files easily and upload from android devices.

Productivity and Security –

  • Bump –

This app bypasses information simply between different devices (Smartphone and Android) with bump in case of both devices are accessing same app.

  • Drop box –

This app helps us to shift favourite files instantly between desktop PC and android phones without establishing any connection.

  • Gmote –

If we are accessing from android supporting tablet or PC then Gmote app allow to run mouse cursor on the touch screen.

  • Lookout Mobile Security –

Through lookout app, our android device can be escaped from harmful effect (malware). It also try to prevent upcoming treats by scanning regularly.

lookout mobile secuity apps in android

  • Spingpad –

Suppose we want to download new movies, books or app which will be launched in next month. Then role of spingpad app is effective. It is used to create reminder lists of upcoming favourite things and put to-do lists for forthcoming download items.

News and Information app of android –

  • Pulse –

Through Pulse app, we can put different feeds by group and send remarkable links or posts directly on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter). It is also Best news reader of upcoming breaking news in the world.

  • Taptu –

Taptu app works as newsreader. It permits us to select type of news items which we want to read and block unnecessary news items.

Weather app –

  • Accu Weather –

Accu weather app has marked up as the best app for android devices to know accurate weather information. It allows us to know updated weather information by refreshing screen. Accu weather apps also inbuilt with GPS feature. This feature helps us to view data about forcast of particular place on map during journey.

  • Weather Bug Elite –

This app is used to check weather data (Temperature, Humidity, wind speed or Barometric Pressure) of that places where we are present. Additional feature also offers to know pollen status, radar maps and Forecast related data for viewing.

  • Weather Channel –

It is known the most trustworthy app for knowing updated data related to weather and easy to access. Information related to weather changes can be flashed on the screen frequently in this app.

Travel app –

  • Poynt –

Suppose we are residing in new town and want to find most nearest public places like Gas station, Bank ATM, Hotel, Restaurant and many more, then Poynt app is the best option. It also give detail about weather information of this place.

  • Urbanspoon –

If we are travelling in unknown town then this app Urbanspoon can be used to find suitable place for dinner or launch.

  • Waze –

If we often face hard traffic on road, then Waze app can help us. Through this app, we can find where most traffic jam occurs. It also provides other possible routes to bypass. This app works via GPS technology and make sure whether battery level is proper before running it or not.


Entertainment app –

  • Google Music –

It is one of the best enjoying options through android devices whenever we are alone. We can play and listen music online directly from music store and upload or download our favorite music files (MP3,) from Google storage in our android phones.

  • Pandora –

Suppose we want to run online Internet radio in android phones, Pandora app is the best. This app supports us to find new music through adding new radio station.

  • PicSay pro –

If we capture new images from inbuilt camera in android phones and want to make fun through it by applying new effects, then PicSay Pro app allows us to apply filter effects, put Speech bubbles, change heads and bodies in new modes.

  • Shazam –

When we listen a new song and want to find details about it like who is singer of this song. If we access Shazam app and play this song for a minute then complete details of this song will be displayed on the screen.

shamaz apps of android

  • Watch ESPN –

If we want to watch live games (cricket, Football, Tennis or other) on our android screen then ESPN Live Video app is useful. This app helps us to play live stream of playing game.

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