How to be Effective on a Social Networking Website

People nowadays are on a race to become influential in every platform and social networking sites are on their top priority list. And this is becoming more important in the corporate field as people from all around the world by the grace of the Internet have come closer to each other thus forming virtual teams to complete projects. This is a great achievement but it becomes a problem when influence is practiced. This might lead to differences. There are certain ways with which one can remain influential without creating hatred for him. Let us see them:

  • Encouraging the team spirit: The virtual world brings people from different places nearer but there is still a physical barrier which cannot be overcome. Thus, the spirit of working in a team diminishes and this leads to the loss of motivation. The best way to remove this barrier is by getting to know each other better and motivating each other. Thus regular video conferences or audio conferences should be held to over Skype or other social networking sites which allows every person in the group to voice their opinion and give suggestions. This brings a team more close and makes the head more influential.
  • Being social: Regular meetings should be held. When the opportunity of meeting people with wide range of thoughts comes, it should never be left. The problems faced by one person can be solved by other when it gets posted or gets discussed. While, one can solve other’s problems also. Sharing of thoughts and different ideas become more prominent and brings everyone on the virtual world closer.
  • Effective Communication: as the physical communication or face to face communications are absent, therefore there are no open debates. Thus, a second thought must be given before speaking out a word or posting an opinion. Further convincing becomes more and more important to get the work done. For, this a soothing voice should prevail over the span of conversation and raising the voice may be harmful. Further, the emails and posts should be very imperative.
  • Rules creation and their enforcement: A physical world quickly shows one’s mistakes which can be acted upon, but on a virtual world, this only comes to light when a particular task is accomplished. Thus, there should be creation of a set of rules which should be followed by everyone of the group and they should abide by them. The team manager should regularly keep a watch on the employees through communication regarding their work progress and the problems faced by them.
  • Possessing good devices: When on a networking site, devices such as web camera, microphone, speakers and other software should be of the best quality to be able to give a good video and audio. The Internet speed should be high which gives a good buffering of the videos. No one would like to view a video when it becomes a set of images like a slide show. This happens due to slow buffering. Further the audio should also be good which produces a convincing sound.

Hope, these tips might help you a lot in the long run.

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