How to create a good Document in Microsoft Office

A good presentation is always incomplete without a good document. It should be both informative and attractive. A good focus should be put on how the matter is to be presented so that it is both very interesting and catches the eyes of the person seeing it. A ‘wow’ factor should be present. Microsoft office provides various such features. Let us explore:

  • Flair should be added to present the document in the best possible way by adding good font styles, colors. Business documents should present numerical data in chart forms rather than figures which are much more informative, and attractive.
  • Telling everything in a monotonous way becomes very boring. So the content should be carefully selected, and it should be organized properly. A very good focus must be placed on what to include and what to not.
  •  A very special feature has been included in the Microsoft Office 2007  which instantly allows creating a good look for the document. There are various themes designed with fonts, graphic effects, and colors that are accessible with a single click.
  • Graphics should be used to illustrate important points. A Smart Art diagram can be created. On selecting the Smart Art diagram, the Smart Art tool appears which can be selected accordingly to produce desired graphics.
  • The charts created in MS word 2007 and 2010 are usually Excel charts, so a separate workbook is not required for managing the charts.
  • The tables should be used for page layouts.  These are like organizers that hold text, graphics, and other folders better.
  • Heading styles and table of contents should be used to provide the list of what actually is being shown. These must be in organized points with bullets arranged chronologically. Foot notes or end notes must be added. They are important as they don’t place the supporting information directly but create a path that is accessible.
  • If the information is too lengthy, then an appendix should be made which gives basic information of the whole document. Page numbers should be added in the headers and footers which make the information more easily accessible and allows it to be arranged chronologically.
  • Different views should be used while saving a document to understand which view is more appealing.

Thus, keeping these basic ideas in mind a good document can surely be made. To know better about the various features, Microsoft Office’s official website should be visited.

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