How to customize the Homescreen of an iPad

After Staring with an iPad the next task is to customize its Home screen. Some steps are to be followed for customization of Home screen.

How to use apps

The apps can be launched by a single click on an iPad high-resolution multi-touch Screen. The apps can be switched, organized into folders and can be rearranged according to the needs.

How to open and switch between apps

  • A simple click or a tap on its icon will open the app.
  • Multi tasking is possible. Many apps can be opened at a time which run at the background.
  • To return to the home menu for or five fingers can be pinched on the screen at the same time or the home screen button can be clicked.
  • To view the most recently working apps , home screen button should be double-clicked which shows all the recently active apps.
  • To forcefully close an app, tap the icon and hold it. It flickers then click on the icon which appears.
  • Double click the Home button after which a flip from left to right should be made which shows the screen orientation lock, music controls and brightness slider. The settings can be changed as desired.
  • To delete an app from the device, the app’s icon must be clicked and held until it flickers, then click on a cross icon. This deletes all the data of that app permanently from the device.

How to scroll

The touchscreen is so sensitive that sliding becomes as smooth as butter. Drag the screen and scroll through apps, images or maps. Scrolling however does not select anything. The screen can also be swiped. To stop the scrolling, touch the screen which however does not activate anything.

How to customize the Home screen

  • To rearrange the place of any icon , it should be clicked and held until it flickers.
  • Then it should be dragged to the desired position.
  • After it is successfully positioned, click the Home screen button.
  • To move the icon to another screen , the icon can be dragged to the right side until a new screen appears. This places the icon on the new screen. More icons may be dragged in the same way.
  • Tap to the right or left of the row of dots or drag to right or left to go to different Home screens.
  • To go to the first home screen, click on the home screen button.
  • The icons on the home screen can also be rearranged by connecting the iPad to the computer system through a USB cable.

How to change the wallpapers

  • Click the settings and tap on brightness and wallpapers, the image on the Lock screen or Home screen should be tapped following which the wallpaper or the image should be tapped.
  • Click or drag to re-size the image to the size which is desired.
  • Click on set Lock Screen or set Home Screen or click on Set both.

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