How to do voice chat with Google Voice Desktop apps

Google Voice has become a very favorite service for everyone for calling and sending SMS. It is also giving tough competition to the likes of Skype and others. The service is considered high class with a very good set of features but it is still available in US only. The service is yet to reach the other parts of the world. The cons are very irritating. The user has to keep open the Google Voice page in order to receive the messages. If the user closes it, he instantly becomes unavailable and cannot receive any messages. It becomes difficult always to keep open the Google Voice webpage. So there have been made various Google Voice desktop notification apps which keeps you connected with your Google Voice account. So, this article gives you a deep insight into some of the best apps to keep you connected on Google Voice.

  • Google Voice App: Based on Adobe Air, this app has been designed for the popular Operating Systems like the Windows, Linux and the Mac. The user interface is quite simple and it offers a good set of features.
  • GVNotifier: Considered one of the powerful app, it brings Google Voice right to the desktop. Its features include receiving messages, listening or reading to the voicemails, connecting calls and others. It has been made for Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • VoiceMac: For Mac computers, it is the first Google voice client. The user interface is considered very easy. The features include sending multiple SMS Messages, receiving the SMS Messages, placing the calls, checking the call history, receiving voicemails, reverse lookup a phone number and others. With the use of the SIP services, even the phone calls can also be made using the Google Voice number.
  • Google Voice(An official app from Google): This app has been designed by Google and is available in the Google app store. It is basically an extension which adds a button to the toolbar. It keeps the user connected to the Google Voice account. The various features include:
  1. It alerts with an audible tone on receiving new messages which can be turned off in extension options.
  2. Gives a quick access to the most recent messages with transcripts and voicemail playback.
  3.  Helps in initiating calls and send free text messages by just typing any number or contact name.
  4. Phone numbers on websites become callable via Google Voice by just clicking on them.
  • GVMax: It is a free web service which is very effective in monitoring the Google Voice account. It gives a notification when new messages or the Voicemails are received. There are various ways in which the notifications are sent, which include Instant Messaging (XMPP/GoogleTalk), emails, Prowl and Howl notifications, Twitter, HttpPost and SMS

These are the ways you can use the Google Voice to the best. Hope this service reaches all parts of the world as soon as possible.

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