How to improve WordPress blog with best Gamification plugins

There are many ways you as a site administrator can increase your interactions with your visitors. They are so effective that it increases your engagement with them and the brand loyalty. They can be in the form of points, badges or the leaderboards which can be given to the users for some actions made on your websites such as sharing of the posts or commenting which increases your traffic. But the question lies in the fact that is it an easy task to add the gamifications to the WordPress blog. This article focuses on this fact and compares two of the best plugins which offer to add gamifications without burning a hole in your pocket.

CaptainUp: Though, it was a new addition to the plugin family yet it was very appealing. It is very user friendly because of the visual style which is very cartoonish. It is much more than a game like than the other plugins which seem like the corporate. There are about four to five forms, which have to be filled up to sign in and create the account. Visit this website: {}

It is free and you have to enter the following details: email address, password, brand name, and domain. In the Gamification WordPress plugin setup page you have to paste the API key which you can copy from the WordPress install tab. The setup is over. Now connect to the Facebook page and this gives the points to the user when they like the page.  Sharing any article will automatically be detected by the plugin.

The various set of features which CaptainUp has includes:

  • Various actions like configurable values, focused on sharing, visits, and even watching a video earns points.
  • Increases the level of the user as the points increase.
  • Completing set challenges earns badges, such as liking 15 things in 2 days.
  • Leaderboards and activity widgets for the sidebar.

PunchTab: The free package is not fully functional. It is considered more established which includes rewards, giveaways and others. The three sections it is separated are: Loyalty Program, Achievement Program and the Giveaways.

When a certain number of points are achieved, rewards are given which is known as the loyalty program. For example every visitor who earns about 8500 points gets a chance to win Starbucks eGift card. Only 99$ per month has to be paid for running your own reward plans. The achievement programs can be any like the standard badges or the levels. The badge images and the descriptions can be changed. The default badges have to be disabled.

So now you understand how to get in good contact with your visitors and increase the conversations with them. This will help you a lot in going far in this website race.

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