How to enable Windows 8 and RT Users to get applications via Email

Remote Desktop Service lets users subscribe and publish client side applications. In Windows 8 and Windows RT, an application known as ‘RemoteApp and Desktop Connection’ has been kept in Metro Style Remote Desktop client to access client side data or information. To get full advantage of Metro Style Desktop client, you have to enable the ability of users.

In a way of enabling certain changes from users side, you need to access RemoteApp and Desktop Connection in Windows RT or Windows 8 and enter your email address. The above act leads to auto configure Metro Style Remote Desktop Client server. Though, it is seen that when users enter their email address then DNS domain of such email address searched for _msradc text record. Therefore, it is expected to configure DNS Manager in a similar way as shown below:

  • At first Open DNS Manager after then right-click on domain’s inclined zone.
  • Then you need to select Other New Records…
  • Choose Text type and press Create Record option
  • Enter record name at _msradc then after entering URL address in Text field box, finally, click  Ok button to apply above settings.

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Topics:  Windows 8