How to Find Friends nearby with Facebook on mobile with GPS

This feature of Facebook has made people come closer. Got to meet a new friend in the concert or a cricket match and forgot to get the name or e-mail id to send the friend request. This is the time when this app comes to the help. It finds friend on Facebook from the nearby using the mobile’s global positioning system. Then the required profiles can be sorted out using the profile pictures.

Though, this feature comes with such an exciting feature, it also has a lot of disadvantages. A person sitting on a metro train unknown to you might find your profile using this feature and may be seeing the profile and taking down information without your consent. Thus, this feature should be used very cautiously. As for now there are no privacy settings in this feature, but with such high threats, it is sure to predict that Facebook is sure to launch its privacy settings.

How to use this feature: This feature is available on all the Facebook apps running on the Android and the iOS platforms. It is quite simple.  Click on Menu> go to Apps> Find friends> click on other tools and go to Find friends nearby. This will show everyone nearby and the page will be shown on the screen. Finding friends in this way is surely a new and fast method but, this feature is still not known to the 95% of the Facebook users. This fact alone shows that the frequency of visits made by the Facebook users to the Facebook Homepage is very low.

This feature can also be assessed by the following URL:

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