Bloggers may work with Yahoo to get better Ranking. Why?

It might be a true fact that Google is the largest search engine for all and the most of Internet users use it to search on Internet or solve their queries. This means most of the traffic to the blog comes basically from Google as the blog visitors use Google Search Engine. But, there are other Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing and others out of which Yahoo gets the highest preference.
One might use the best optimizing techniques to get the blogs optimized successfully and may get thousands of visitors every day. But, if 99% of the web traffic comes from Google alone, then what would happen if the Google rankings fall abruptly. So, these may be some of the worst experiences to face which can be avoided by getting optimized with other Search Engines such as Yahoo. Let us see why:

  • Helps in the improvement of the Bing rankings: An added advantage which comes like a bonus is optimizing the Yahoo Search Engine even helps in getting a good rank in Bing. This comes from the fact that Bing had signed an agreement with Yahoo in 2009 for sharing the same algorithms along with the search results. This means if the website has a number one ranking for a particular set of keywords in Yahoo, it also holds the same record of being at the top in Bing. This is an added advantage as without additional optimization of the blog with Bing, a large traffic can be achieved just by getting to optimize only with Yahoo. And, the fact of Bing being the number one Search Engine on the website recently because of its features is the sole reason for optimization.
  • Helps in Traffic source diversification: Another reason for Yahoo optimization is the traffic source diversification. The maximum bloggers from the bloggers community depend only on Google, so it would be a worst experience if Google bans the website. So, the fact is to be independent and self-reliable and flexible, not only being dependent on only one search engine and rather comply with others. And optimizing with Yahoo even has an added advantage on Bing.
  • Helps in getting a diverse and quality traffic: The most important reason for this optimization is getting quality traffic. Search engine visitors being very targeted often have personal likes. Some use only Google, others rely upon only Yahoo. So, optimizing with many search engines would only make the job easier of getting the best and a wide traffic.

These are the best reasons to get the blogs being optimized with the Yahoo, my personal being its association with the Bing and the added advantages of the Bing. So, yahoo should now surely be parallel along with the Google in optimization.

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