How to get a Pingdom Service Account Free for 1 year

Described as an excellent website monitoring service, Pingdom tools are at their best. The website speed checker tools are often used for examining Website Speed, load time, etc. The CEO and the founder of the Sweden’s biggest web hosting company, Loopia is the founder of this company. In short, Pingdom can be described as a parent which monitors the website 24 hours 7 days. On weekend it gives instant alerts regarding the failures related to the websites such as Downtime or Service lag and others.
A website essentially requires a 100% uptime which becomes essential for the website to cater all the swarms of the traffic constantly. 99% uptime is usually offered by most web hosts. It becomes very essential to choose a reliable web host as the conditions can never be predicted. The Pingdom services can be blindly relied upon. The Pingdom servers are set up all the world around which monitors the websites if any downtime or problem is reported. The services associated are usually notified as:

  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Android app notification
  • Twitter
  • iPhone app notification

Other features of Pingdom include saving the pages where the problems are usually detected and it even analyses the problem to check out why and how it happened to give a set of possible solutions. The reports can also be compiled.

Pingdom Plans vary:

  • Free Account: this free account comes with one time website checking along with 20 SMS alerts.
  • Basic Account: 9.95$ per month with the services of 30 checkups and 200 SMS alerts on sign up. The other features are email alerts and contacts which are unlimited.
  • Business Account: this account usually costs 39.95$ for one month with the services of 30 checkups and 200 SMS alerts on sign up. Other features are email alerts and contacts which are unlimited and Discounts on extra SMS alerts.

How to Business Account free for 1 year:

A promo of the Pingdom was started during the occasion of the Easter to get Pingdom services of the Business Account completely free for 1 year. The following tips and tricks help you in this process and there is even no requirement of the credit card.

Step 1: Make a visit to the business account sign up page.

Step 2: all the contact details including the name and email should be entered correctly. The password is mailed to the email id which is entered.

Step 3: there shows a payment option where a selection should be made on yearly and the tab “Have a promotional Code” should be clicked.

The promotional code is: “EasterBunny2012

Step 4: terms and conditions must be agreed upon and make a click on “Continue Sign up”.

Step 5:  an email is received with the password.

Hope this article helps you a lot and you enjoy services of Pingdom.

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