How to Choose a Hosting Company: Best Tips for Beginners

Starting a new blog is a very adventurous idea, but the ways we use to make it a very successful have to be very sophisticated. Some of the requirements are like making a decision to use which blogging platform, which web hosting is better and what are the techniques for blog promotion and SEO practices to use have to be decided very well. The most preferred blogging platform is the WordPress as it has a large support community and is almost free. The WordPress plugin repo has the availability of  thousands of WordPress plugins which makes the work much easier. Starting a WordPress blog requires themes, domains and hosting. In this article, we deal for which are the considerations to be made while making the selection of the WordPress web hosting for the blog.
Considerations to be made while buying a Hosting:

  • Hosting should be unlimited: People often do not value anything that comes unlimited, but in the case of unlimited Hosting resources, the value becomes much higher. Unlimited bandwidth and storage are often offered by many WordPress companies which are always recommended, which becomes very useful when the blog starts growing. The companies which offer limited resources for very high prices should never be seen at.
  • Support: WordPress also has some cons in spite of being a very popular Blogging platform. It usually makes a utilization of the database and MySQL, and it is even memory hogging. Sometimes, there comes a requirement of a Hosting people only as the problems become so difficult that even the Blog owner cannot fix it. So, it is highly recommended to choose a company which is very well specialized in WordPress hosting. It should even have a support of offering live video or telephonic chats. Know host is one of the exceptional hosting companies which have an offering of Instant Ticket support. Even the services by Hostgator are also exceptional.
  • Policies relating Price and refund: The much cheap enough and easy handling is achieved by shared hosting. It usually costs about 10$ a month for shared hosting for WordPress and even the coupons can be utilized to get it at much cheaper price. For example, one of the recommended is the Bluehost whose discount coupons can be grabbed which would make the purchase as low as 4.95$ every month. Similarly, a 14 days risk free trial is offered by Dreamhost.
  • CPanel Hosting: CPanel is offered by most of the hosting companies. It is very popular being one of the best script for WordPress. All the companies offer standard CPanel while Dreamhost facilitates Custom CPanel. A Fantastico or a custom WordPress Installer is present in almost every hosting. The process of installing WordPress is made easier with the WordPress installer.

Some useful tips to be followed while beginning a WordPress blog:

  • Free hosting should always be avoided as they are very irritating.
  • Only those hosting should be opted for which have an offering of multiple databases.
  • For the same price, hosting can be bought of single domain and of multiple domains. This decision should be made very wisely.
  • Limited hosting should always be avoided.

Hope, this article has helped you a lot in WordPress hosting. The decision should be made very wisely.

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