How to hide Chrome, Firefox tabs with one click step by step

A handy extension has been released to hide your all open browser tabs in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with one click. These add-ons are helpful while you are surfing the Internet regularly and protecting or secure your privacy from children or friends. Although another option is also available like to put a password in the Chrome browser for restoring the browser tabs.

In this post, I am going to describe two useful extensions for Chrome and Firefox in order to how to enable tab-hiding feature in it.

How to hide Google Chrome browser tabs

Step – 1

  • At first, click on below link to install chrome extension (Panic Button) from chrome web store.

Chrome web store link

  • Then click on this link – Add to Chrome from top right panel.
panicbutton extension for chrome
  • Now a Pop-up window is showing and click on the Add button.
  • In few moments, Panic Button extension will be added in your Chrome browser.
panic button chrome extension added

Step – 2

  • When you click on the red icon (Panic Button extension) which is showing with the exclamation mark in the right panel.
panicbutton extension click
  • As a result, entire opened Chrome tab will be hidden on the single click and red icon will be changed in the green icon.
  • If you click on the green icon again it will be restored as previous stages.
restore hidden chrome tab

Step – 3

  • While you press right-click on the red icon of Panic Button extension here come a menu. Select Options in the drop-down panel.
panic button extension menu panel
  • Then Options window comes up before you in the new browser tab with numerous options. Here you can put a definite key for hiding the open browser tabs or make it password protected, make keyboard shortcuts of Preferred URL address, configure a safe page.
panic button extension options

How to hide browser tabs in the Mozilla Firefox browser

Step -1

  • At first, you have to launch Firefox browser and look to Panic Button add-on.
  • Press shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+A) to launch Firefox Add-ons Manager tab.
firefox panic button add-ons
  • Here search Panic Button add-on and click on Install button from the search results pages.
firefox panic button add-ons install
  • Now it will be installed in the few seconds after downloading and click on Restart now link. 

firefox panic button add-ons downloading

firefoxpPanic button add-ons launch

Step – 2

  • After launching Firefox browser again, click on the orange exclamation mark button to hide your opened browser tabs on a single click.
firefox hide tabs
  • Then a small rectangular box is appearing in the Firefox page.
  • Click on Restore Browser Session button to restore the hidden tabs again.
restore firefox tabs on single click

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