How to Clean Phone Memory on Android

The smartphone is your best friend and life gets to a standstill without it! But people out there find their handsets giving a sluggish performance and even reaches a stage where a change of device becomes necessary. In such situations, users opt to get more memory space or add an SD card to boost storage space. So, in this article, we will show you the way to Clean Phone Memory on Android.

An Android phone stores the downloaded data in both permanent and temporary memory. Temporary memory in the Gallery is easy to manage whereas the permanent storage technically called cache is difficult, although it helps in faster downloading on repeated occasions. Moreover, one can’t access cached data easily. When this cache size is high, phone slows down and new data can’t be downloaded.

Ways to Clean Phone Memory on Android

Following these simple procedures will Clean Phone Memory on Android and make your device snappier, fast and enjoyable.

Way-1: Clean Cache

Step-1: Unlock the Android handset and swipe down the notification bar. From the various icons, tap the cog icon

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Step-2: Go through the list of settings section and tap on Apps.

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Step-3: Open the application which is most used and click on Clear data and Clear cache buttons respectively. You may do this to any number of applications you find in the list to clear as much data and cache to free up the phone’s internal memory.

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Step-4: In addition, you can also navigate to Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Storage -> tap CLEAN NOW button to do away with all the unnecessary data such as cache, residual and advertisement files.

Way-2: Transfer Apps to microSD card

As you are using an Android handset, first, ensure to insert a microSD card into the device.

i. Pull down the notification bar and tap the Settings icon.

ii. Tap the Apps section.

iii. Locate and tap the app that you want to transfer to the microSD card. Once the app details come into view, tap on Storage.

iv. Under Storage used section, tap on the CHANGE button. Choose SD card as the storage location (see screenshot).

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v. Wait for some time until the app gets transfers to the SD card successfully.

Way-3: Clean Downloads Folder

Generally, the Downloads folder on Android devices includes everything such as documents, videos, photos and other files. Most of the time, the items that it contains are irrelevant to you. So, it is best to trash all the unwanted items from the Download folder.

I. On your Android device, head to My Files folder and tap on it.

II. Tap the Downloads category.

III. Now, individually select all the items that you don’t prefer to pile up. After selecting the items, tap the DELETE button to do away with those contents.

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Way-4: Use Google Photos

One of the interesting fact about Android device is that it allows you to store an unlimited number of pictures that you have on the handset. Besides, Google Photos lets you upload the high-quality unlimited images. Once you easily take a backup of images to “Google Photos”, you can confidently remove those pictures from the device to make up some free space.

a. First of all, open Google Photos app and tap on hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) on the top left.

b. Navigate and tap on Settings.

c. On the next screen, tap on Back up & sync and ensure to turn it ON.

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Way-5: Uninstall Apps

Another amazing way to Clean Phone Memory on Android is to uninstall the apps that you don’t use. You have to first figure out the applications that are no use to you. Next, depending on their size, you can decide whether to uninstall all the apps or the huge ones only.

#. Navigate to Settings by tapping its icon on the notification panel.

#. Tap on Apps category.

#. Locate the application that you don’t use and put a tap on it.

#. Finally, tap UNINSTALL button and remove that particular app from the Android handset.

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Way-6: Use Third-Party App

You may also give an attempt to a third-party application such as CCleaner or Clean Master, Power Clean, Turbo Cleaner and more from Google Play. These applications let you clean the junk out of your handset quite frequently and make the device glitches as well as hang free.

Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you can pretty easily Clean Phone Memory on Android.

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