How to increase Uploading Speeds in SkyDrive on Windows or Mac

Uploading files into one’s SkyDrive accounts need appropriate time as per file’s size. Many a time when you upload larger files in SkyDrive, you confront with slowness of uploading speed. Situation like this force users to find instant solution. While you encounter above-mentioned problem either on Windows or Mac Computer then you need to take this tips to fix occurred problems. In the remaining article, I will discuss method to improve upload speed in SkyDrive on Windows PC & Mac PC simultaneously.

To improve upload speed in SkyDrive accounts on Windows PC, you all need to apply certain changes. But remember changes should be made on assurance of shutting down SkyDrive at that point in time. Required changes for improving uploading speed are displayed in successive steps. Follow it and fix Windows PC problem to upload files in SkyDrive with great speed.

  • Open Run Box (Win key + R) and then after type below command and apply enter.
  • The above action opens Global.ini file in Notepad environment. 
  •  Now add the line numberOfConcurrentUploads = 2 as first line in existing file. However, you may set the value of numberOfConcurrentUploads to 1, 2 or 3.
  • Now, there is no need to make other changes to file. Finally, save above setting and restart SkyDrive.

Note: After applying minimal changes you observe decent uploading speed on Windows optimized PC.

Process needed to apply on Mac Computer for getting improved uploading speed in SkyDrive to be addressed now.

  • At first, close running application of SkyDrive on your Mac Computer
  • Then after open Terminal and type following command:

~/Library/Containers/\ Support/SkyDrive/settings/global.ini

  • Above act opens global.ini file of your Mac PC. 
  • Now add the line number of Concurrent uploads = 2 as the first line in the document. You should be sure about number of Concurrent Uploads in not present before adding manual value. 
  • At last, save it and restart SkyDrive to experience better uploading speed. 
Above trick would be beneficial only when you have to upload large number of files in SkyDrive on Windows or Mac Computer

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