How to know that someone is searching you on Google

The story goes 15 years back, when finding someone on the internet was tasks remain undone. The person whom you were finding need to had an ICQ account. You had to search for this account. Even if you could find the account, you could never get any information about that person. Only you could send a request for connecting. Another way to find any person was to search for the phonebook to get to know the information. And if the names did not exist, it meant that their lives were private. Well this is the thing of the past. In the present world the search engines and the social networking sites actually provide much more information about a person we can think of. And what if they are searching about you?  What do they find and whether the information they found was accurate enough or not. And who really is searching you. Read further to find out.

Who might be searching you?

  • You are a potential employer searching for a good job or a student looking for a good education program. We always submit our CVs (Curriculum Vitae) to various websites showing our potentiality. In these cases these websites are searching for us and it is us who should provide correct information to the best of our knowledge.
  • You might be a potential employee hiring people for work. People are searching you and your company to get job. In this case you should provide your correct information and also regularly check the reviews. As it is always said that important people always remain in the limelight and being a boss who is more important than you, for an instance if any of your employee has written mostly negative reviews on your name, this might put a negative impact on others.
  • Friends, families, snoops, exes form the largest category that might be searching you online. Among them friends and the exes form the largest group. They can be ex teachers, ex employees, old friends, school and childhood friends, the list is endless. So they might find information like where you are presently based to what profession are you into and others. This concept basically works on the social networking site.
  • Complete strangers can be a category of people who are the most dangerous, as their intentions might not be right. They might find you and become curious to know about you. Therefore enabling protection is of utmost importance.

What people usually find: The list shown by Google is endless. It depends upon how common your name is and what is the frequency of your activities. If you are quite active people might find you and if your name is very unique, people will easily find you. Ultimately we can conclude that putting information on the internet is not completely good or not completely bad. Overall it can help someone find you in distress.

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