How to recover a lost or a stolen iPhone or iPad

It was a way back then when the preliminary use of a mobile phone device was to make and receive the calls. Much also was not the matter if someone had lost the mobile phone. Only the contacts could have been lost. But now things have changed. With the advent of the smartphones, they have become lives for many. The tablets and the mobile phone devices have become an integral part of one’s life. People store their precious images, videos and other personal content like the bank details, credit card details, and even the social networking login and the passwords are also stored. In that case, we can never imagine of our mobile device to be lost. We would be hurt and even shattered not because our device is lost, well that would hurt, but moreover, it would pain us to know that we have lost all our personal content. And more badly, if the sensitive details like the bank details fall into the hands of the wrong people then it would be disastrous.

But today, the smartphones have such features that if they are lost, they can become accessible through online and the important files can also be deleted. This article gives a description of these apps which are available in the Apple store which can track the lost or the stolen iOS device.

  • FindMyiPhone: This is an official app from the Apple store which will help to track the iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Mac from another Apple device and can also be used to protect the data. The app needs to be downloaded on another Apple device and the user has to sign in to the Apple account. The app locates the device and locks it or in extreme cases even deletes the files.

Download FindMyiPhone

  • GadgetTrack: This is a very useful app to locate the lost devices, whenever a device is lost, sign in to the Apple account and from the browser and activate the service which enables the tracking. It creates a map with correct coordinates and even the IP Address to locate the device. It deletes the apps and the best part is it even takes the images of the thief. It costs $3.99.

download GadgetTrack

  • FoneHome: This app is priced at $2.99. it is considered one of the best tracking apps for the iOS devices. The features include the highest reliability and best value of any iOS tracking app. There are various tools which can be taken help off.

Download FoneHome

  • Phone Trace: This app is basically the GPS oriented which tracks the iOS device very effectively. The app is slightly priced higher at $4.99. but the features are very limited like the remote lock and deleting the data is absent.

Download Phone Trace

  • Navizon: This app for free is very effective in tracking the device. It combines the GPS with the Wi-Fi and the Cellular triangulations. The features are very basic hence limited.

Download Navizon

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