How to move all the files from iPhone to Android

There have been many recent releases in the smartphone market and all of them are Android. The Samsung Galaxy S4, the Nexus 4 and the HTC One are some to envy for. These are so good that there are some iPhone users who want to switch to these devices. The hardware and the software specs in the Android are now considered top class. So considering all these if you really want to switch over to the Android device from an iPhone, you need to move all your stuff such as the contacts, music, pictures and the other files which are not at all easy. This article is the compilation of how to move the files from your iPhone to the Android phone, but with an effort.

Contacts: This is a very important bit of information which no one wants to lose. And basically, because the primary concern of a mobile is to contact, entertainment comes secondary. Moving them is a good idea rather than entering all the numbers again. The Google account can be used to its best as it easily syncs with the iPhone and the Android phone. First, sync the iPhone with the Google account and transfer all the contacts then sync with Android to get them on it.

For Calendars and Mails: An application Smooth Sync for the Cloud Calendar has to be purchased for those who use the iCloud calendars. They can even switch to the Google calendar. The events can be imported from the iCloud calendars to the Google calendars. All the events that have to be imported have to be publicly shared. This can cause a security concern. Then all the events can now be imported to the Android phone by signing into the Google account.

Music: Google music is considered the best way to transfer music files to the Android devices, but it is not available in all countries. The Google Music Manager can be downloaded on any Operating System platform and the music files can be uploaded even from the iTunes. Once all the files are uploaded, they are available on the Android device from where they can be played. This saves a lot of space on the mobile device but a running internet connection is required to play all the files.

Photos: There are a number of different ways of syncing the photos. One of the best ways is to upload them to the Cloud services like the Google+ or the Dropbox and then download them to the Android device. The files cannot be directly downloaded to the Android Phone. Instead, you have to connect it via a USB to a computer and then copy the pictures over to the phone.

Apps: And finally the apps, no one wants to miss out this segment. And if you think that you can import all the apps from the iPhone to Android, then forget that. As iOS on which the iPhone runs and the Android are two different Operating Systems. One way to solve this problem is to go on downloading all the identical versions of the Android apps which you have been using on the iPhone.

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