Perform Amazing acts with the Useful functions on Google Spreadsheets

The Google spreadsheets have taken the world by storm and the awesome feats it can perform even overpowers the Excel spreadsheets. The VBA scripting which used to be a very good feature in Excel in also overshadowed. The ease is because of the fact that it is an online service and many of the online tools can be integrated with while working in these sheets, the data can be copied from the online sites and emails and much more. This article is the compilation of all these feats of this amazing spreadsheet.

There is a presence of the Entire library with many Spreadsheet functions, which perform many impressive feats in manipulating the data. The functions in the Google spreadsheets can be treated as the mini scripts which can be integrated with one another to perform many output information.

Fun with the functions: There are large numbers of functions which are used in the Excel and can also be used in the Google Spreadsheets. And there are some specific functions which are only found in Google. The current time can be added to the sheets. This can be done with the usual function, Text(Now()). The problem is only when one is editing the page, the time is updated and not when one is viewing it. The more better function is the GoogleClock() function. This always shows the current time and the date and the users can get a lot of help from it. The conditional formatting feature is also available.

Jugling with the text: The Excel spreadsheets show their real worth when they deal with the texts. The people who are quite aware of the programming know the functions like “Left”, “Right” or “Mid” to extract sections of strings for creating new set of the strings. These functions in Google spreadsheets are also present but with a manipulation. These are long functions which work similarly as the Excel spreadsheets.

Importing Feeds From the Internet: The IMPORTFEED function is one of the features which cannot be forgotten. There is a sheer volume of the information that is on offer by the feeds and the functions performed by them are also versatile. The feed details can be simply entered with the quotes.

These are some of the tips and tricks you can utilize while working with the Google spreadsheets. If you discover others, let us know in the comments box below.

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