How to Save Bandwidth by enabling Data Compression in Android Chrome Beta

Google has introduced Android Chrome Beta version in recent past. The Android Chrome Beta comes with many features including data compression. As data compression feature decreases the mobile browsing bandwidth and boost up browsing experience as well. The new data compression technique functions on Google’s hosted proxy servers to deliver speedy service. The data compression process decreases bandwidth consumption up to 60% mark. That means you save both Bandwidth and Money if you are not having unlimited internet connection. Right now, I am about to share the idea to turn on Data Compression in Chrome Beta for Android.

Ahead of turning on Data Compression, you need to gather some technical information about specific Android Chrome Beta. As you know that there are two chrome versions on Google Play. The first chrome version is stable where another is a beta version. Just make sure that you have installed second one ie: Chrome Beta from Google Play. After then you need to open experimental area inside Android Chrome Beta version and make enabled Data Compression feature. How will you enable Data Compression feature on Android Chrome Beta to be shared in remaining tutorial?

  • Launch Chrome Beta to your Android device.
  • Then enter chrome://flags into the address bar and navigate Experimental area inside Android Chrome Beta.
chrome beta android
  • Now scroll down and pick ‘Enable Data Compression Proxy’ option to activate. Just after activating data compression option, you need to click ‘Relaunch Now’ button.
enable chrome proxy

That’s the tips to enable Data Compression in Android Chrome Beta. Now you can experience speedy internet through Android Chrome Beta. Once you browse internet after enabling Data Compression you seem differences. If you like to check how much bandwidth you saved after activating Data Compression Proxy feature then you need to nothing more. Just enter chrome://net-internals in Android Chrome Beta address bar then tap Bandwidth option to display how much Bandwidth consumed and saved as well through activating Data Compression Feature in Android Chrome Beta:


android beta proxy compress

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