How Students may Get more Benefit from SmartPhone

The smartphones have changed the way we look at this world. With its advent every task has become much easier than it used to be. Besides bringing people closer, a smartphone has much more capabilities like promoting education, monitoring health, and many others. Today it has become so important in one’s life that a person keeps on monitoring his each and every task on it. The most benefited group of people getting benefit from it are the college goers. It helps them make assignments, access the internet through WiFi and navigation. Let us explore some of the benefits of a smartphone to a college student:
A smartphone never makes a person feel lonely. It brings everyone closer. In this context, an application called Bump is the best for the college goers as it helps to keep in contact with the friends, professors and colleagues and share information with them in studies and research work. It automatically transfers contacts from one phone to other creating a web. It also gives access to the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

A studious student can save all his books on a smartphone. Nowadays every book available in the market in the form of hard-copy has a soft-copy version of it available on the Internet in the form of PDF. These eBooks can be downloaded from the Internet for free or with a very minimal cost, much less than the original hard copy. It even removes the burden carrying heavy books to the classroom. The Smartphone even gives a complete access to the encyclopedia or the dictionary; hence it is rightly termed as the ‘mini library’. Stanza is a great e-reader application which gives a direct access to more than 40000 eBooks ranging from all fields including literary. The books and the articles can be downloaded at a minimal price.

The Smartphone is even quite helpful in organizing the schedules. A college students life becomes really stressful as the magnitude of tasks that are needed to be done are huge. From managing then assignments to completing the projects to getting prepared for the internals, the tasks are many. This is where the smartphone comes to the rescue. The application iStudiez Pro can be easily downloaded from the Apple web store at a minimal cost of 2.99$ and many other similar apps. These create better deadlines, organize and tasks very well. An app called my Homework which can be downloaded for free is the best app in keeping the track of the assignments. Other app called Evernote also downloadable for free is best for the research students. It manages the research work which can be stored as information. Taking images or the work and recording audio the other features of this app.

Thus, there are numerous other uses of the Smartphone which can be used at its best for studies and research. 

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