How to Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57

In spite of being an advanced and latest feature, you can Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57 in case, finding useless for you. Firefox 57 has added a new dimension to Mozilla. This very browser has come up with new UI (User Interface) and Photon. Additionally, they are more furnished now with a new Quantum engine. Developers faced real tough situation while releasing this version as the browser will no more support XUL-based add-ons. All of the classic addons will be disapproved and incompatible. But Pocket is still here which many users don’t like to have in the browser.

This updated version of Firefox i.e. Quantum engine is everything about parallel; page rendering and processing as well. Developers built it with advanced design in order to process CSS as well as HTML. The newly released Firefox 57 has also the latest version of Pocket service and the browser still contains its marks inlaid. Pocket is generally a third party feature that allows the users to send any open page message to his account. Additionally, a user can read that message coming from another device like mobile or tablet as well as from another computer. However, if you think that you are not comfortable with this service, you can easily Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57. See the method –

How to Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57

You can follow the below steps in order to Turn off Pocket on Firefox 57. The steps are:

Step-1: Launch the Firefox 57 browser from your computer and open a new tab.

Step-2: Go to the Address bar of the new tab and enter the following text: about:config

Step-3: In the following page, you will meet with a warning message. Confirm this by clicking I accept the risk!

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Step-4: You will see a search box on this page. Type the following text there: extensions.pocket.enabled

Step-5: A new parameter will appear extensions.pocket.enabled. Make a right click and select Toggle option here set it to false.

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Changing the value of the above parameter to false will Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57. To enable again, you can follow the same path as before and change the value to true.


Firefox 57 is advanced as well as furnished with new features with photon code, Quantum engine, and amazing features. Though it has eradicated most of the add-ons from the past, the distracting Pocket service is still prevailing in it. But you have the flexibility to use it or else disable it using a little trick. We have discussed the way to Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57. We can expect that this discussion will be equally helpful for you also.

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