Humble New Tab Page: Chrome Extension to Customize New Tab Page

At the time of browsing, you are needed to open multiple Tab Page. Sometimes seeing similar tab page causes little distraction. To eradicate such type of inconvenience Google has developed a new application. The application developed by Google is known ‘Humble New Tab Page‘. It is made to Customize New Tab Page while using Chrome browser as default browser. Now, I am going to discuss features of ‘Humble New Tab Page‘ application as well as installation process on Chrome browser.

The ‘Humble New Tab Page‘ application redesign Tab Page as you wish. It supports weather widget, bookmarks and many other important applications. It also displays most visited websites. Apart of it ‘Humble New Tab Page‘ gives freedom to edit particular page as your liking. More importantly, you may change complete layout appearance throughout this application. As you install ‘Humble New Tab Page‘ user need not to have weather apps because it displays its current condition. You may check all recently opened and closed websites as well through help of this extension Indeed, it is quite effective app, which can be installed easily at Chrome web browser after taking these steps.

  • To install it one have to go to Chrome Web Store and quest for ‘Humble New Tab Page‘ application.  It can be easily opened by clicking the web link given at the bottom.
  • Next, hit on ‘Add to Chrome‘ it will require permission to open all your data & other associated information. So proceed with this.
  • As soon as permission granted ‘Humble New Tab Page’ would be installed on Chrome web browser.

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