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The founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin, kept the Google search engine main page very simple and realistic, without adding anything extra to it. This was the one of the primary reasons of Google supremacy over other search engines. As time passed by there were different search engines being upgraded and they started to provide a lot of information and news updates, besides providing search. Thus, the people demanded more from Google and then Google launched iGoogle.

What is iGoogle?

iGoogle is a new and improved personalized Google homepage. It contains a search box, news updates, recommended youtube videos, sports news, hot searches topics, mailbox, and hundred of Google apps at a single page.

How can be iGoogle be helpful?

None of us have much time to go with the news updates every now and then. If we use iGoogle to search for the required we can get news feed, cric-buzz, and much other information at an instance. iGoogle also have an option of personalizing the page by which you could change the themes, add or remove apps, select specific news updates and check and send emails, use different online gadgets all at once.

What is required for having a personal iGoogle homepage?

Google has kept the conditions very nominal. What you need to have an iGoogle start page is just a Google account and sometimes for adjusting your personal settings.

How to access your personal iGoogle homepage?

  • First you go to the link iGoogle.
  • Then login using your Google account ID and password.
  • Now you are started, enjoy a new version of Google.

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