In Time Doctor Windows 8 App – Find Hospitals, Treatments Easily

In Time Doctor is a Windows 8 app that helps you by giving the full details of hospitals nearby your locality, preventive measures in case of any injury or first aid. It is a health app that provides you the facility of finding treatment for some of the most common diseases. One could also consult any doctor using this app and ask health related questions from them.

The interface of this app is kept very neat and clean. It shows all the steps which are necessary in case of any emergency with the help of proper pictures. A screenshot of its home is shown below:

In Time Doctor Windows 8 app

A link has been provided at the last of this article from where you can access consult any doctor app.

How to use In Time Doctor Windows 8 App

The moment you install In Time Doctor app on your Windows machine, a window will pop-up presenting a big which stands for Doctor in In Time Doctor. Very soon the main page of this app will appear consisting of pages like Option to ask about any health related problems, to get treatment for the health related problems, and tips for first aid.

A brief description of its various section is provided below:

  1. Get Information: You can get information on various health problems using In Time Doctor app easily. You can take suggestions about any diseases which are available in a panel on the left most side of the page. In this panel, a text box to ask your problems is also available. All you have to do is to type your question and just click on ask afterward. You will be asked for your email id for providing you the solution. The solution for the problem will be sent to your email address directly. Any keyword could be used for searching. All the solutions provided here are from a group of expertise.
  2. Treatment to some common diseases: A lot of diseases are out there which are very common among people who require a proper attention. You can search for the treatment of any such diseases here. A body structure would be shown to you on the immediate right of the questions asking panel. Disease in a distinct body part will be displayed after mere hovering mouse pointer on that very part. Get any one of the appearing diseases that are present there, and you would be shown a good amount of information about it in the app itself. All the information provided here are available from Mayo Clinic. 
  3. First aid: Some of the very common diseases along with their first aid are provided here like: fractures are available on the right most side of the app. The common problems for which the app can give the first aid techniques are shown as tiles. If you click on any one of the given problem, you would be shown the step by step treatment for it. Be sure about using the left and right arrows present in there, to see the step by step treatment for it.
  4. Emergency Call: This option can be accessed using the upper flyouts of the app. All you have to do is to right-click anywhere on the main home page of the app and use the option to find the emergency numbers for different countries. The app will provide number for Ambulance, police, fire, and rescue for various countries.
  5. Locate Hospitals: This section consists of a large number of hospitals that you can easily find out providing the location of your house. This is also available in the upper flyouts of the app. Here, you can also specify the country where you want to know about the hospital. The results will be shown on its interface if there is a hospital nearby your location.

Key Features of In Time Doctor App

  1. Available for completely free..
  2. Find hospitals nearby your locality easily.
  3. Also provides you first aid tips for most common diseases.
  4. Provides treatment for different diseases.
  5. Ask any health related issue to experts..

My Note

In Time Doctor is a very useful Windows 8 App. Providing one the best solution for their health related problems is a very good thing. I personally like this app very much as it consists of a lot of useful information along with proper measures.

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