Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Activate WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen Mirror

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has numerous features like apps, Bluetooth, Multi-Window, Air Gesture, Wi-Fi Network, S Health, Screen Mirroring, Tethering and Hotspot and so on. But to use these features you should have proper knowledge to activate and manipulate. Here, we are explaining how to activate these applications or facilities without any getting problems in using. It should be also reminded that if the warranty period of this mobile has passed then a lot of money will be spent for it to repair them or uploading softwares in it.

How to Activate Multi-Window in Galaxy Note 3

Multi-Window is the smartphone application by which you can run two applications at the same time which is very exciting feature of a mobile. This feature doesn’t depend on Place or region. To activate this feature, you have to follow few steps.

1. First of all, open the application icons at your home screen and tap the Settings option.

2. Choose the Device option in the settings.

3. Again tap the Multi-Window. Now you can use this feature in your smartphone mobile.

4. Use the Multi-Window panel by tapping and holding the arrow which will appear to the left side of the screen.

5. Open one application and then drag another application on the screen for getting two files at the same time. And then drag the window panel switch to the right or left at the corner of the screen to hide the panel. Now You can enjoy this feature on your mobile.

Galaxy note 3 activate features

How to Set Lock Screen in Galaxy Note 3

Lock Screen acts as security type function which helps to protect your smartphone from unwanted users. It also allows to add convenient widgets. To set them on your screen follow the given steps.

1. Press the Power button on the screen to turn off and put the device into the Lock mode. Then the device will automatically get locked if it is left for sometimes still.

2. To unlock them, again press the Power button or Home button and swipe your finger in any direction.

How to Add Widgets in Galaxy Note 3

You can also add widgets in your device. But it can not be done in easy mode when the screen is locked.

1. Tap on the Apps  icon then choose the Settings option.

2. Go to Device in the settings option.

3. Choose Lock Screen to open the Multiple widgets then drag it to switch to the right on your screen. Now you can choose any widget as you want to add for locking the screen in your own way.

How to Activate WiFi Network in Galaxy Note 3

WiFi is used to connect the devices like mobiles or computers for sharing the desired files or media files. But it is available for only indoors, not for outdoors. You should turn off this feature if it is not used by you to save your battery power. To activate this feature follow a few steps.

1. Firstly, Tap on the Settings from the application icons to choose Connections.

2. Turn on or off the WiFi network in the WiFi option.

3. To connect WiFi network, choose a network from detected lists. Then enter a password if it is necessary and hit on Connect. You will have to enter the password in the networks which appear with lock icon. Now device will automatically connect to the WiFi network.

4. To Add WiFi Network, tap Add WiFi network which is at the bottom of the list.

5. Now enter the network name in Network SSID to select the security type.

6. Then enter the password if it is not connected and press on Connect.

7. If you have forgotten the network which has been used before then select the network list and tap on Forget. After that, you can share your WiFi feature in the device. You can also transfer the essential files or media files.

How to Activate Air Gesture in Galaxy Note 3

Air Gesture is an interesting and exciting feature of a smartphone which is used to control functions without touching the screen. This feature is used for the limited area. You have to use your gestures for a short distances and mind that it will not recognize you if you have put on dark clothes such as gloves. To use this feature, you should check whether the Air Gesture is activated or not. And then follow the given steps which are below:

  • Apps -> Settings -> Controls -> Air Gesture and then drag it switch to the right or left. After performing these steps, you become able to open any file or media player from this feature by moving your fingers only.

When the device is turned off then move your fingers over the sensor to view missed calls, messages, time & date, wallpaper and so on for Quick Glance. Move your finger up and down over the sensor for Air Jump to view emails and web pages. And move your fingers left or right over the sensor of the screen  for the Air Call-Accept.

How to Activate Bluetooth in Galaxy Note 3

Bluetooth is a wireless connection between two devices for a limited area under a short distances about 10 to 30 meter. This feature is used to exchange data or media files between these devices. If any loss exists during sharing data then Samsung Service Center will not be responsible to this because you have already been advised for that. It is also advised to you to not use this feature for illegal purposes like pirate copies of files or illegally tape communications for commercial purposes. To activate them, please follow the given steps.

1. Hit on Settings in the application icon.

2. Go to Connections in the Settings option.

3. Choose Bluetooth and drag it to switch to right or left.

4. Pair your device to the other device. To pair device hit Scan in Bluetooth option. Then your device begins to search for another device to connect it. It takes very few seconds. After that, you choose the device in the list from which you want to connect and tap it. Then it will be asked for the password for your device connection.

5. Now you are ready to use this feature for sending and receiving data by tapping on them to select.

How to Activate Screen Mirroring in Galaxy Note 3

Screen Mirroring is an advanced feature like Bluetooth because it is also used to connect devices which support the WiFi Miracast Feature to a large screen with an AllShare Cast dongle or HomeSync and then share your contents. This feature does not depend upon the area. To activate them follow the given steps.

1. Open home screen to tap on Settings in the application icon.

2. Go to Connections and press on Screen Mirroring option.

3. Then select a device and open a file, control the display with the keys.

4. To connect a device write PIN then tap and the device name after entering the PIN. Now use this feature in your device.

How to Utilize S Health in Galaxy Note 3

S Health is a special type of application which is used to manage your health by providing useful tips for eating, walking, exercising, weighting manage and many more. To use this facility, you have to open application menu at the home screen and tap on S Health icon. Then you will get many options like Exercise mate, Food tracker, Walking mate, Comfort level, and Weight.

  • If you want to check your health information then tap Home on the S Health menu screen. Tap Calories Burnt to enter burned calories. And tap Calorie Intake to enter calories ingested.
  • To use Walking mate, tap Walking mate from S Health menu screen. And follow the steps as your device suggest. Now tap Start to count your steps and tap Pause to save the records.
  • To utilize the Exercise mate, tap Exercise mate S Health home screen. Then use this facility as instructions given in the device.

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