Increase Webpage speed with mod_pagespeed

Google Page speed team has announced that they are seriously working for increasing webpage speed of website the time is not far when there will not be any hassle in regard to web speed. mod_pagespeed is genuine arm for this, and it was introduced in 2010. Since then the team is engaged in improving functionality and performance of mod_pagespeed with open-source apache module. Now 1,20,000 websites are running with this new technique and Web Hosts as Dreamhost and Godaddy are offering it for customers and certainly other web host will start.

We all know fast websites are liked by users as well as Google. Even ranking of fast loading websites are better. So this announcement is relief for website owners and webmasters.

mod_pagespeed actually optimizes webpage in so way that load time decreases. So it is doubtless that web concerned people will like to use. But, now one thing is to know that how much coast is charged by web hosts

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