How to take Screenshot of Webpage on Mozilla Firefox 16

Mozilla Firefox 16 has come with lots of improved features. Certainly millions of net users to ready to confront with improved features of Mozilla Firefox 16. One feature, which impress me more is ‘New Command Line Toolbar’. The New Command Line Toolbar offers easy control on keyboard with auto command completion. With the help of Command Line Toolbar, you may control several activities. A few activities you may do easily ‘taking Webpage Screenshot’ without third party adds-on. In earlier version of Firefox, you had to rely on third party adds-on for taking screenshot of webpage. Inbuilt feature of Firefox 16 helps common users as well as web developer/designers not to depend on third-party applications. Now, I am going to point out each successive steps of ‘How to take Screenshot on Firefox 16’

  • Open your updated Mozilla Firefox 16 Web browser
  • After then go to ‘Tool Menu’
  • Then after select Web Developer option and click on Developer Toolbar. You may access developer toolbar easily after pressing Shift+F2
  • Now, You will notice ‘New Toolbar’ which appears at bottom page of Firefox 16
  • Type Screenshot at place of ‘New Toolbar’
  • To take full page Screenshot type ‘screenshot fullpag.png 0 true’ in command line.

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