How To Install Multiple Bootable OS on a single USB

It was a long time back when we used the CDs to install the Operating Systems on our computers. But, things have now changed. It means we still use the traditional method of installing with the CDs, but now we can even boot our USB drive and install with it. There are some of the programs that help us create multiboot USB. In this article, you would get a brief review of the three such programs. They are XBoot, MultiBootUSB, and YUMI.


Download MultiBootUSB

It is considered a very popular program for these types of tasks and it can be downloaded from SourceForge. The MultiBootUSB-6.4.1.exe simply needs to be put on the USB drive and can be run from there, so it is a portable application. There is no requirement of installing it on the computer. It shows a lot of problems with Windows 7. While the program might be installed on the USB drive, it might display a message showing that the file was not installed. But the Linux-based live distributions can be installed, as most of the Live CDs are Linux based. Then I had added the Kaspersky rescue CD which took about 25 minutes. Another ISO also I added which was UltimateBoot CD. Being at 359 MB, it took about 30 minutes. And now there are two different Bootable Operating Systems on the same USB drive.


Download Xboot

This software has more documentation than the one previously discussed. There is no need for instructions for their use but it comes to help when required. The installation is considered very easy. All is required is to double click the file which opens the window. You just need to drag and drop the files to the main box. Then click on Create USB button, select the USB drive where you want to make the installations. XBoot recommends Syslinux for the USB formatted in FAT32 and Grub4DOS for the USB formatted in the NTFS system. The speed with which ISO is created is very faster. And now also there were two different Bootable Operating Systems on the same USB drive and they worked very effectively.

YUMI-Your Universal Multiboot Installer

Download YUMI

The download though was not very smooth as there were a lot of advertisements. After the download, it was installed easily. Though adding the files and creating the ISO is very fast but not as fast as the XBoot.

Ultimately it can be concluded that these are very effective tools for creating ISO files and are very effective.

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