Tips to get faster access in windows 8

Now, when you are going to buy a new PC or a laptop, chances are that you are going for Windows 8, and getting accustomed to it for the first time is a bit difficult. Microsoft has not included a tutorial for Windows 8 so a bit of research has to be done by you. The interface on Windows 8 is modern. So, this article gives you a deep insight into what are the basics of Windows 8 Operating system.

The desktop: The First login you make into the Windows 8 Operating System will show you a full screen Start screen where all the apps are present. All the modern apps can be downloaded which run in this full screen Start Screen. Some people might get excited to use this but some might want the old traditional Start Screen which you can get by clicking on the Desktop Tile on the Start screen or by pressing Windows key + D which launches the desktop.

The Start button: After you get the desktop, you might become happy. It is just like the old Windows 7 Desktop but with many more improvements. The task manager has become much better and there are host of new features and improvements. But one thing which you might find disturbing is the absence of the Start button. The Start button is present and it is hidden. When you move your mouse to the bottom left corner, you will see the Start button. Even pressing the Windows key also launches the Start screen. You can click on the installed apps to launch them or you can even search for them. The look has been changed and has been turned into a full screen mode. The apps can be rearranged and can be launched very easily. The applications can be easily pinned to the taskbar by dragging it over the taskbar.

How to Shut Down the Computer: The settings Charm appears when you move the mouse cursor to the right bottom of the screen. This is where the Shut Down and the Restart buttons are situated. From here you can shut down the computer. However, there are also other ways to shut down the computer including the physical key.

These have been some of the shortcuts but most people are most comfortable with the traditional Start Screen for which you can use the third party Start menu like popular Start8. The traditional Start menu appears on switching on the Desktop but it takes a bit time. The Apps screen is much suited for the touch screens rather than the desktops or the laptops.

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