How to Install and Use Zoom Outlook Plugin on Windows 10

Ways to Install and use Zoom Outlook Plugin on Windows 10.

How to Install and Use Zoom Outlook Plugin on Windows 10

A cloud-based video-conferencing platform, Zoom is being used by people across the world right now. While most of us are quarantined and have to work from home, a convenient app like this is being a boon. Zoom gained popularity for having an extremely easy to use interface and its ability to easily include several people in a video call, making it ideal for official online meetings or conferences as well as classes. So, in this article, we’ll be discussing the easy steps you can follow to install and use the Zoom Outlook plugin on your Windows 10 device.

Talking about Zoom Outlook Plugin, it is a convenient add-on that helps users in various ways. You are able to bring this addon into use for easy scheduling and commencing meetings from inside your Outlook app. A good thing is you can even synchronize the plugin with the free time you have on your schedule based on Outlook calendar events. Further, in case you feel like you are encountering any kind of problems with the plugin or application, unmatched support is available. Let’s now head right on to how you can download this particular plugin for Outlook and use it.

Install and use Zoom Outlook Plugin on Windows 10

Here is How to Install and use Zoom Outlook Plugin on Windows 10 –

How to Download and Install Zoom Outlook Plugin

Note: Before you begin this, make sure you have Zoom Client software open on your system and are signed in.

  • Open the Zoom Download center in a browser. You can search the web and go to the official page otherwise here’s a quick link.
  • You will find a button for ‘Download’ below the heading ‘Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook’.
  • Click Next 3 times successively on the upcoming wizards.
  • After you open the file, a wizard for the Zoom outlook plugin will become visible. In case you have your Outlook open on your PC, you may want to close it for further setup. Click on Next.
  • The next page will show the folder where the Zoom plugin will be downloaded. Even though the location is changeable, it is advisable to let it be the default location shown there. Click on Next on this page too.
  • On the page that follows up, there will be a message asking you for confirmation. Once again, click on Next.
  • Finally, click on the Close

Now, when you open your Outlook the next time, you should be able to find the Zoom plugin for Outlook in the Home tab of the Window itself. Two primary options will be there, first one for scheduling a meeting and the next one to start an Instant meeting. Now after you Installed see how to use Zoom Outlook Plugin on Windows 10 –

How to schedule a meeting with Zoom Plugin for Outlook


Here are the steps to schedule a meeting with Zoom Plugin for Outlook –

  • Click on the “Schedule a meeting” option in the Home tab of your Outlook application.
  • In the window that comes up, you will be able to select settings as preferred for the meeting, such as whether or not it should have a password. You can also choose to include the meeting details above the invite. There are several other advanced options as well, for example, “enabling participants to join the meeting before the host”, “recording the meeting automatically”, “muting participants on entry, preferred language”, etc. You may even specify any other person as the host of the meeting.
  • Once you make all the relevant changes and setting tweaks, hit continue. The meeting details will be automatically generated by the Calendar.
  • Save or send the meeting.

How to Start a meeting

All you need to do is open the appointment and follow the link you provided for others and log in.

After you create the meeting, you will also be able to see ‘Cancel’ and ‘Change settings’ option, which you can use to make any edits to the meeting or to cancel it. Further, you can even customize the Zoom meeting just like other events on Outlook.  All in all, it can add to your convenience at least to some extent.

That’s all!!!

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