How to install Windows 8 virtual machine on your PC

Now, that Windows 8 is out, everybody wants to keep up with the latest addition to Microsoft and install Windows 8 on their systems. There are some easy ways to do that, where you might not need to remove Windows 7 or XP (whichever you are using) and at the same time get a taste of the new Windows 8.
There are two ways to get Windows 8 installed on your machine. You may get hold of Windows 8 as a virtual machine. Otherwise, get it on your system right by the side of the existing OS on your machine. Let’s talk about installation process for the virtual version of Windows 8 Follow the following steps carefully:-
(i) Make or get a bootable CD for Windows 8. Else, download an ISO image of Windows 8.

(ii) Visit the website It has a special software called the VBP or the ‘VIRTUAL BOX PROGRAM’. Download it and install it too. In case you are using an older version of the same software, upgrade it.

(iii) Start the Oracle VM Virtual Box program (VBM). The home screen of the software has the option ‘NEW’. Click on it, to create a Windows 8 virtual System on your computer. Hitting the option ‘HIDE DESCRIPTION’ gets the system working.

(iv) The basics of your new virtual OS now need to be set. You start with giving your OS a name, in this case, Windows 8. The OS is to be set as Windows and Windows 8 is to be selected as the version. Next, you will set the RAM memory aside. The minimum memory required is 1 GB. Although, you may allocate higher share (2 GB, say) for fast working.

(v) Now you need to set aside some space to store your virtual hard drive for Windows 8. The minimum space required is 25 GB. That is when you decide to just use Windows 8 to get user experience and not switch to it full-fledged. Else you might require larger spaces. After deciding on the memory, select a specific file location to store the virtual HD. Just keep in mind to set the file kind for the HD as VDI-Virtual Box Disk Image. Supplying a fixed space/size’ to the virtual HD will ensure better performance.

(vi) The disk is now ready to be created. The virtual machine software takes around 4-5 minutes to create virtual HD.

(vii) Once the HD is created, a set of changes in specifications need to be done. If you are inside the Virtual Box Manager window, click on Windows 8 VM. Then press Ctrl+S to open settings.
The changes that need to be done are –

1. System-> Motherboard and enable IO APIC.
2. System-> Processor and enable PAE/NX.
3. System-> Video and enable VIDEO ACCELERATION.

NOTE – changes 1 and 2 might be enabled by default so you will not need to enable them.Just go and check them to avoid future confusion.

(viii) Finally, click OK for all settings and double click on the VM labeled Windows 8 icon to start the program. You may insert the windows 8 installer CD or browse for the ISO file you downloaded, in the folders.

(ix) Hit on the ‘NEXT’ option and the Windows 8 setup routine is started. It should take around 25-30 minutes for the installation to wrap-up.
Thus the virtualĀ Windows 8 is installed for use on your PC.

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