iPhone 5 Review – Features and drawbacks after 10 days of Release

iphone 5 imageThe iPhone 5 has been released with a bang and a bumper sale over a week. Since a week has been passed with its advent, let us look at its reviews. It had mostly positive reviews.

The Good: The best feature of the iPhone 5 is the addition of all the features which were lacking in the iPhone 4S. The features include a faster A6 processor, 4G LTE, a larger & longer screen and a free turn by turn navigation. The most added advantage is its top to bottom redesign which is slim, sharp and feather-light.

The Bad: The apple maps feel unfinished. Simultaneous use of voice and data is not possible in the Sprint and the Verizon models. The screen size seems small in comparison to the jumbo Android models and there is the absence of Near Field Communication (NFC). An external adapter needs to be added to connect the current accessories as the connector is smaller.

The Bottom line: it is basically the best iPhone ever released in the Apple SmartPhone family and surely demands a top spot in the SmartPhone family. Working upon it’s all previous shortcomings, Apple has released the iPhone 5 with all the new and the best features. The new design of iPhone is completely smart and classy. It feels very good both to see and to hold it.

The iPhone 5 has 4G LTE. The screen may not be humongous but it is decently bigger than other Apple models. The best feature of the iPhone 4S – the camera has been improved, there has also been an improvement in the speakerphone and noise cancellation quality. The iOS 6 also has a lot of other improvements like a better turn by turn navigation, the Siri has become much smarter and the Passbook which is a location aware digital wallet which stores documents like boarding passes, tickets and gift cards has also seen a lot of improvement.

The most shocking feature is its weight. It is the lightest phone ever designed by the Apple Family. Using this phone will make the user feel that iPhone 4S is as heavy as lead. The larger size adds more space in viewing documents above the virtual keyboard, also an advantage in watching videos and in the Homepage there is an addition of the extra row of icons.

It has a very similar appearance to the iPhone 4 and 4S from the front. The buttons such as the round volume buttons, silence switch and the sleep/ wake button on the top remain the same. The headphone jack has its place changed and has moved down. This is an advantage for some and disadvantage for others as the standing of the iPhone upright virtually becomes impossible when the headphones are connected. Actually, the bottom design has been completely changed. A tinier Lightening connector port, larger speakers, the design of the perforated grill has been changed, and the addition of the headphone jack.

The larger screen also had an impact on the wide number of the built-in apps. Every app used the extra space in its own way and was had a very good feel of using it. The built-in apps include Maps, Reminders, Messages, Photos, Camera, Videos, Weather, Passbook, Notes, Stocks, Newsstand, iTunes, the App Store, Game Center, Contacts, Calculator, Compass, Voice Memos, Mail, Safari, Music, and, of course, Phone.

Thus, I hope this review had been helpful to you in knowing more about the virtual king of the gadget world the iPhone 5.

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