How to activate and Deactivate Gmail New look

Gmail is used by every person in every field for sending and receiving mails. It is used for both professional and official purposes. This wide use of Gmail is making it to introduce more and more new features and the latest feature are its new look. It has been most talked about topic of the season. Let’s look at some of the features of the new Gmail account:

  • Modern, cleaner and a more better look.
  • The conversational view in Gmail has seen a lot of improvement.
  • The views can be chosen between dense, cozy and compact densities.
  • Filtering and searches are made much more simpler.
  • The toolbar showed the buttons only on ticking the Mail.
  • Newer HD themes were added.
  • The Chat window could be dragged and resized.
  • The number of messages shown on the screen can be chosen.
  • The feature of switching between contacts and tasks has been added.

Enabling the new looks of the Gmail step by step

Step 1: After logging in to Gmail account, the option ‘Switch To New Look’ should be clicked which can be found on the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Activating the new look: a pop box appears on which an option ‘Switch To New Look’ appears which should be clicked to change to new look.

Step 3: A small introductory video regarding the new look is shown which can be watched if required or click on ’Continue to the new look’.

Step 4: the Gmail account will then be reloaded and will be launched with the new look.

Disabling the new looks of the Gmail step by step

Step 1: A login should be made to the Gmail account.

Step 2: The Gear icon appears at the left hand side above the Mails box which should be clicked.

Step 3: Make a click on the option ‘Revert to the old look’.

Step 4: A popup box appears in which the option ‘revert to the old look temporarily’ should be clicked to changes back to old view.

Step 5: The Gmail reloads and launches back with the old look.

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