KB4505658 Windows 10 1809 17763.652 Cumulative update – 22 July 2019

A new cumulative update KB4505658 is unfolded by Microsoft for Windows 10 on July 22, 2019. This patch is here for version 1809 as quality improvement in order to take the Operating System to Build 17763.652. This update introduces a plethora of various fixes and stability enhancements to make the OS more stable where it retains other features almost the same. The major points on which the Microsoft has considered or focused are – “Remote Desktop Server, Hardware Support application, windows.storage.dll”, and lots more.

Users are able to get KB4505658 rollout as an MSI file format directly from the Microsoft update catalog site. Normally, they receive the patch via the Windows update by itself. However, the manual installation is obviously an easier option when you fail to get the patch automatically. As recommended by the company, it would be beneficial to upgrade your machine to the current versions. This will provide you a better user interface experience and great reliability as well. To see all the patches of the entire versions, go to Windows 10 Cumulative Updates List.

KB4505658 –

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KB4505658 Windows 10 1809 improvements and fixes details

This patch having Build 17763.652 is actually a bug fixing update carries no new feature to the OS. It includes a quality improvement which is as follows –

  • Several websites using WebAssembly has experienced a Performance issue. However, the company tries to fix this issue.
  • There’s the chance of occurring an issue that prevents the Internet Explorer from working. It generally happens when you move a tab to create a new window.
  • Addresses an issue that hinders a Hardware Support application (HSA) from installing in a timely manner.
  • Focuses on an issue that may hamper the personal identification number. It prompts from occurring when authenticating in Internet Explorer.
  • With this patch, they also update the time zone information for Brazil.
  • In the earlier patch update, you might be experiencing the nonsense characters in Windows notifications. On installing KB4505658, a single quote (‘) will display.
  • Addresses an issue that hinders newly installed or updated applications from appearing in Windows search results.
  • The company work tries to settle the issue that obstructs SharedPC policies from migrating properly during an upgrade.
  • Microsoft specialist focuses on another issue that obstructs the Windows Event Log service from processing notifications that the log is full. According to the team, this causes issues with some Event Log behaviors. For example – archiving the log when it arrives an utmost file size and you’ve configured the “Archive the log when full, do not overwrite events” setting. In addition to this, the time when the Security Log is sufficient, the Local Security Authority is not able to handle CrashOnAuditFail scenarios. Also, events cannot be written.
  • Addresses an issue that inhibits the Save and Save As options in Microsoft Office 2010 applications from working when high contrast mode is on.
  • The Developer team tries to fix an issue that hinders a system from recognizing a Microsoft account. It also impedes Azure Active Directory account until the user signs out and signs in again.
  • Tech giant focuses on an issue that may block the Netlogon service from establishing a secure channel. Additionally, this issue reports an error, “0xC000007A – ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND.”
  • Windows 10 team works on an issue that may cause authentication to fail. This issue generally befalls while using Windows Hello for Business on a server running Windows Server 2016 with the Server Core option installed.
  • With this quality patch, the tech professional tries to fix an issue that causes some processes running inside Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers to have empty names.
  • Input and output will not fail after installing this build 17763.652. This issue used to arise when Multipath I/O (MPIO) failover occurs.
  • With the cumulative update KB4505658, tech giant works on an issue that prompts applications that use windows.storage.dll to terminate working and displays ExceptionCode c0000005 (Access violation) when the process closes.
  • Windows 10 expert stabilizes the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) on Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) machines for certificate-based virtual private network (VPN) connections, such as Device Tunnel, in an Always On VPN deployment.
  • Build 17763.652 tries to reform the issue that hinders links with discontinuation to a corporate network when using Always On VPN with the IKEv2 protocol. Usually, connections are not automatically established. However, sometimes manual connections fail. At these circumstances, when you call the RasDial function from the command line for the target VPN connection, you will confront the error, “ERROR_PORT_NOT_AVAILABLE(633)”.
  • Now, the status will not change for Work Folders in File Explorer when you choose the Free up space.
  • On installing KB4505658, Remote Desktop Server will not be sluggish when someone who is using drive redirection disconnects.
  • With this latest patch, you will not experience an error which usually arises while using certain data persistence memory technologies.
  • Microsoft expert works on another issue that hinders Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) scripting from working if you run it when you’re not connected to a domain controller (DC). Besides, App-V scripting also fails when you run it in an environment that only holds the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  • Windows 10 team tries to settle an issue that damages the Microsoft Message Queuing feature and prevents it from starting or installing again. In addition, this problem mainly arises after installing Windows updates or upgrading from Windows 10, versions 1607, 1703, and 1709 to Windows 10, version 1809.
  • Build 17763.652 tries to settle the issue with commencing or utilizing the Window-Eyes screen reader application. This may block some features from functioning as expected.
  • Now, the App permission settings will not fail. It usually happens when you select ‘Keep my files’ after selecting ‘Reset this PC’.
  • While upgrading from Windows 10, version 1703, you will not confront the issue which occurs in the system reliability.
  • This Build 17763.652 attempts to settle an issue with enrolling a device in the Windows enterprise commercial data pipeline.

Known issue

Symptom Workaround
A few specific functioning may not get completed and display the bug when you install the patch KB4505658 -STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5). For example – rename files on a Cluster Shared Volume. The issue mainly occurs when doing the same work on a CSV owner node from a method that does not contain an administrative right.

Do one of the following –

  • Use administrator privilege perform.
  • Perform the operation from a node that doesn’t hold CSV ownership.

Microsoft is also working to fix this bug and will offer an update in a future release.

When you install KB4505658, there’s the possibility of encountering an error, “0x800f0982 – PSFX_E_MATCHING_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND.” Although, this error will arrive on the device having Asian language packs installed. As a workaround, follow the below instructions –

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall and then install again any recently added language packs.
  2. After that, click on Check for Updates and install the April 2019 Cumulative Update.

Note – If this process does not stop the issue from arising, reset your PC as follows –

  1. Press Win+I and let the Windows Settings appear.
  2. Click on the Update & Security category. Select the Recovery option, available on the next page.
  3. Subsequently, select Get Started under the Reset this PC recovery option.
  4. Select Keep my Files.

The company is working on a resolution. They will produce an update in an upcoming release.

Tech professionals are examining the reports which state about a small number of devices. On installing this patch KB4505658, these devices will switch on in a dark display.

As a workaround –

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Select the Power button and then Restart it.
  3. Your device will now restart normally.

Microsoft is also working to fix this bug and will offer an update in a future release.

Devices that start-up using PXE images from WDS or SCCM encounters an issue. It may not start and reveals an error after installing this update on a WDS server.  Besides, the error is – "Status - 0xc0000001, Info: A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed" The team is working on a solution and will soon provide the same in the upcoming release

How to download KB4505658 for Windows 10, 1809 and install

Before getting the current cumulative updates KB4505658, we suggest you, install the latest SSU. This will enhance the performance of the update process in order to mitigate potential issues and also helps to stay out of possible troubles while installing. To get KB4505658 through Windows update –

Step-1: Press Win+I and let Windows Settings appear.

Step-2: Click on Update & Security category.

Step-3: This will move you to the Windows Update in the left pane. From here go alongside right.

Step-4: Hit Check for updates option, and then wait for a while.

Step-5: Click on the Download option available under the found update. Once you finish the downloading process, Install the update using the on-screen guidelines.

You are able to download KB4505658 from Microsoft Update Catalog.

Source – Release note.

That’s all!!!

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