KB4580386 Windows 10 1909 18363.1171 and 1903 18362.1171 Update

Latest Non-Security update KB4580386 for Windows 10 1909 18363.1171 and 1903 18362.1171, direct download links, and the ways to install.

KB4580386 Windows 10 1909 18363.1171 and 1903 18362.1171 Update

An optional patch is being delivered to the Windows 10 v1909 and v1903 in on today 20 Oct having some significant improvements. The update will add Meet Now icon to taskbar so that you can instantly use this tool. Also, this non-security patch updates Microsoft Xbox Game Pass user, reliability, and USB printer port disappearing issues.

KB4580386 is the update that increases Windows 10 1909 version to 18363.1171  and 1903 to 18362.1171.

KB4580386 Windows 10 1909 18363.1171 and 1903 18362.1171 Update

Here is the changelog of the non security update –

  • Addresses an issue with using Group Policy Preferences to configure the homepage in Internet Explorer.
  • Allows administrators to use a Group Policy to enable Save Target As for users in Microsoft Edge IE Mode.
  • KB4580386  addresses untrusted URL navigations from Internet Explorer 11 aka IE11 by opening them in Microsoft Defender Application Guard using the browser Microsoft Edge.
  • Addresses full suite of developer tools problem in Microsoft Edge web browser for remote debugging on a Windows 10 device.
  • KB4580386 Addresses black screen that occurs to Windows Virtual Desktop users when they attempt to sign in.
  • The patch Addresses Microsoft Xbox Game Pass user that fails to play certain games that are eligible for play.
  • Furthermore, the update addresses nothing on the screen appears for five minutes or more during the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) session.
  • Build addresses screen to flash constantly problem that occurs due to a reliability issue.
  • The patch addresses memory leak in Dynamic Data Exchange that is generated when multiple clients connect to the same server.
  • KB4580386 tries to settle an application that stops responding temporarily, which leads to extra z-order operations that affect the Topmost property of a window.
  • The patch addresses DDE apps that stop working.
  • The mid-month cumulative patch addresses a problem that takes place when you first sign in to an account or unlock an existing user session using Remote Desktop Services (RDS). The prevailing keyboard layout changes unexpectedly to the system default after you enter an incorrect password. This might cause supplementary attempts of signing in to fail or lead to account lockout in domain with low account lockout threshold.
  • The LCU addresses CleanupProfiles Group Policy object (GPO) problem. After upgrading the OS, when you configure the CleanupProfiles GPO, it fails to eliminate unused user profiles.
  • This update address incorrect CPU frequency showing for certain processors.
  • The update tries to solve a performance issue occurring when PowerShell reads the registry to verify if the ScriptBlockLogging registry key is in the registry.
  • Additionally, it addresses randomly changes in time offset of the time format returned by the command exeOS Get localdatetime/ value.
  • Addresses Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) fails to assign the Microsoft Outlook Signatures.
  • Also, the developers address hybrid Azure Active Directory joined devices that cannot update portal information when a device name or Windows version changes.
  • They try to figure out Windows to stop working and generates error 0x17. This error befalls when Windows Defender Device Guard is turned on and a driver is loaded with a 4K Microsoft Portable Executable header.
  • LCU Oct 20 adds a new Microsoft Event Tracing for Windows provider namely Microsoft-Antimalware-UacScan. This ETW provider informs the details of the context for each User Account Control (UAC) request in the ETW provider manifest.
  • KB4580386 addresses the USB printer port that vanishes after restarting when the printer device is powered off.
  • The patch addresses stop error 0xd1 in sys. This problem happens when moving a certain array from one cluster node to another.
  • Windows 10 experts address  Windows Update and Microsoft Store that fail to connect to peers over VPN for download.
  • The patch adds functionality that shows a preview of the features and capabilities included in an update when a new update is offered to your device.
  • Furthermore, KB4580386 Adds support for the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 protocols when connecting to SQL Server using the data providers in WDAC.
  • The developers address SQL Server that might produce performance issues if you configure a Linked Server provider to load out-of-process.
  • They also address Windows performance that is degraded problem and the LanmanServer service fails to start when 3rd-party software uses LanmanServer custom file system controls (FSCTL).
  • The developers work on deduplication that causes long wait times on ReFS CSV.
  • They try to fix an issue that might prevent some applications from behaving correctly. The problem occurs when you publish them as RAIL applications using RDS and change the docking for an AppBar
  • Additionally, the developers address a deadlock problem in the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) driver that causes OS to stop working or responding.
  • They address RRAS that stops responding for new connections. However, RRAS stays working for existing connections.
  • KB4580386 addresses RRAS administrator MMC that stops responding randomly when you are performing administrative tasks or at startup.
  • The LCU Improves the Windows Server Storage Migration Service by –
    • Adding inventory validation.
    • Improving retransfer performance.
    • Resolving multiple issues, including reliability issues.
    • Verifying that source machines have installed the current update.

To know detail go to- Storage Migration Service October 2020 Update.

Known issues

Symptom Workaround
When updating to Windows 10 v1909 or v1903, you might encounter a compatibility report dialog with What needs your attention at the top.  The full error message is – Continuing with the installation of Windows will remove some optional features. You may need to add them back in Settings after the installation completes. This compatibility warning comes to view when LOCAL SYSTEM accounts are blocked in Windows Defender firewall from accessing the internet through HTTP. This is occurred because of Dynamic Update being unable to download the required packages. Enable HTTP access for the Windows 10 Setup Dynamic Update (DU) FROM the LOCAL SYSTEM account. Now start the installation of the update again and you should not encounter the warning. Moreover, you can click the OK button or use the /compat IgnoreWarning command to ignore compatibility warnings. However, this might also ignore additional warnings that might affect your device.

The tech giant is trying to resolve the issue and will provide an update in a further release.

How to download KB4580386 on Windows 10 1909 18363.1171 and 1903 18362.1171 and install it

First of all, install the SSU KB4577670 then follow the method ahead –

1. Through automatic Windows update

  1. Open Windows Settings (Windows logo+I).
  2. Select the – Update & Security.
  3. Click the – Check for updates.

2. Via Microsoft update catalog

  1. Go to the KB4580386 direct download link – https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4580386.
  2. Download the correct file matching with your system requirements.
  3. Double click and follow the on-screen guidelines to install the update.

That’s all!!

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