Keeper Web App – Secure way to store and access Private Info

Staying safe and composed in the virtual world has been the challenge in front of us. We usually take precautionary measures to stay protected in the web world. Sometime, these measures don’t provide appropriate security solutions. To get rid of such conditions, an application called ‘Keeper Web App’ has been pressed. You all may get more information about Keeper Web App in remaining tutorial.

The Keeper Web App is valuable Google Chrome application. It lets users to store private information in very secure mode. The application encrypts every record with military AES ciphers element. It provides better prevention against hackers. The Keeper Web App offers unlimited space to create and keep the number of records. One can generate secure passwords and instantly search kept records quite easily with Keeper Web app. The application effectively functions on Tablets, Smartphone, Laptops and Desktop computer. The particular application is available in free and paid version.

Once you need to install ‘Keeper Web App’ on Chrome browser then access Chrome Web store and navigate such utility tool. However, you may easily install Keeper Web App on Chrome browser, using below link. In way of installing it, you need to click on ‘Add to Chrome’ button at the extremely upper right portion of the existing window. Then log in to Google account with your credential and press Add button to confirm the installation.

Download Keeper Web App (Chrome Extension)

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