Launch Favorite Programs Directly From Screen Using MiniBar on Windows PC

MiniBar is a free launching app for your windows PC. It supports Windows Vista, 7, and 8 operating systems. MiniBar basically launches a pop up program which lets you configure up to at most 38 programs, files and launch it easily on your Windows PC. There are several other similar products in the market like Stardock and many others. MiniBar app works very effectively. This app launcher once downloaded and installed can be run from the system tray, and that that saves a lot of time. Users can manually edit or add new program or file to the list which they use frequently. Along with its normal features, it also supports Auto Hide feature.

The interface of MiniBar app is cool and nice. You can also change its background if you wish to. This app is basically designed to save times of users and provide them an option to directly launch the Programs which they use frequently. This is a very right choice if you want your important stuff out there on a single platform. This can be used as a substitute of start menu of Windows 7 and start screen of windows 8. It doesn’t consume much space or time to download this app on to your windows machine. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

MiniBar Windows App

A link has been provided at the last of this article for your convenience in order to download MiniBar app on to your windows PC.

How to use MiniBar app

Once the installation is properly done on to your Windows PC, a small platform will appear on to your windows screen where you can add favorite software icons on its interface. You can adjust the way this minibar is presented on to your home screen i.e. you can decide whether to put it on the left side, right side, the upper portion or lower portion of the screen. It provides you dozens of other features too which you can perform easily on here. Some of the options can be accessed by right clicking on the context menu of the icon present in the system tray. The tools tab provided here on the properties window contains the add new tool options using which you can add new tools on to your bar effectively. You can edit as well as modify the pre-existing software on its panels using this feature.

You just have to type the name of the tool, choose an icon, and specify its location. All these 3 tasks are very easy to perform. The program window of the app can contain up to 38 tools that can be positioned manually according to your choice. It also contains some other add on features which are really pretty here on this app.  You can choose for yourself whether you want to automatically start the app or not. MiniBar has an Auto Hide feature that, if enabled, hides the program window of the app as soon as you open a tool. This is all you need to know about MiniBar app.

Key Features of MiniBar app

  1. Absolutely Free App
  2. Enlist up to 38 tools
  3. Hide Program Window automatically
  4. Option to create as well as remove app icon app from desktop
  5. Add, erase, modify tools as well as helps in altering its lists
  6. Create or Remove app from start menu
  7. Run tools on program window by double click


MiniBar is a very nice launching app. The interface of this app is archaic. There are no bugs or crashes found so far on this app. Overall, MiniBar is a good app to try on your PC or laptops. Please do write your views on this in the comment box provided below:

Link: MiniBar

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