Discovery Channel Windows 10, 8 App – Enjoy Video Clips and Full Episodes

Discovery Channel is a Windows 8 app that has taken adaptation from the world-wide famous discovery channel for its knowledge giving videos and shows. This app brings all the videos that are already shown in the TV channel so that you can watch Video Clips and Full Episodes anytime and anywhere. Discovery Channel App has got a large collection of videos from different sections of the program and is presented to you in an app format. It is free of cost and the memory requirement is also less so it is very useful in that sense.

Talking about the interface there are no sophisticated controls but the only one that you normally see when you watch a video. You just have to swipe across the screen so it is very intuitive and user-friendly. Discovery Channel Windows 8 app is available in the Windows store and you can download it from there. After the installation you can launch it from the icon that you see on the home screen of your device. A screenshot of the same has been shown below.

Discovery Channel Windows 8 App

A link has been provided at the last of this article from where you can access Discovery Channel Windows 8 app.

How To Use Discovery Channel Windows 8 App

Once you have installed Discovery Channel Windows 8 app on to your windows machine properly, run from its icon present in the Metro user interface, a window will pop-up like the above shown image. In the above screenshot you can see that there are sections that are arranged in the tile format namely featured, Shows and others that you can see by swapping on the screen. In the featured section there are videos which are viral in the current scenario and watched most by people. The Shows section has all the different programs that come on the Discovery TV channel. For instance, you can see Backyard Oil tile gets aired on the TV channel. When you click on this option the program details are opened in a new interface along with the videos that are related to it being arranged according to the date. You can click on any of the video to stream it. When you are watching a particular video, alongside it all the related videos to the current one are also suggested just like YouTube.

You can also see the schedule of shows in Discovery Channel app to know what’s coming in the near time. All the program details and their timing as they are aired on the TV channel are displayed for all days and dates. You can view full episodes on this app. The working of this app is very simple as there isn’t anything other than browsing the Discovery channel and watching the videos.

Key Features Of Discovery ChannelApp

  1. Discovery Channel videos in a single place.
  2. Full episodes straight from the channel.
  3. Thousands of clips from different programs are available.
  4. Schedule is available to see the upcoming program.
  5. Behind the scene and after shows videos are also available.
  6. Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  7. No ad display in the app.
  8. Free of cost application.


Considering the popularity of the Discovery TV channel this app has taken a valuable and trusted source to keep the users intact. The knowledgeable videos at a single place without having to browse much and at fingertips is very useful. For kids and students, it can be very useful and an effective way to pass time. It’s definitely an app that is worth keeping in your Windows device.

Downloading Link: Discovery Channel Windows 8 App

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