How to make Cool Icon for Browsers on Desktop

Everyone wants his PC to look cool and impressive. If you spend greater extent of time on PC making your PC prettier will be interesting and favorable. You can change look of icons of different programs on your desktop for better appearance. Here we are producing tips to change Firefox and chrome icon on desktop, but you may change your favorite program’s icon to make your PC look dashing in this way.

How to make Cool Icon for Google Chrome on Desktop

Download desired Google Chrome icon through this link: Chrome icons.

1. On your desktop You can press Right-click on the Google Chrome icon or shortcut by mouse pointer.

2. Then hit on the Properties after clicking right button of mouse.

How to make Cool Icon for Browsers on Desktop

3. In that option, you will see the Change Icon and then select the Change Icon.

How to make Cool Icon for Browsers on Desktop (2)

4. Then choose the desired icon from your downloaded list. If you do not able to see icon in the list then you can find the location of icon by clicking Browse option. After selecting the icon, press OK button and then click on Apply. You can also adjust the size of icons on the desktop.

If you want to change the desktop icon of Mozilla Firefox then you have to go through same process as mentioned above for chrome. You can also download the Firefox icon by visiting the given link Firefox icons.


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