Make F8 Key Working to Boot Windows 8 into Safe Mode Easily

In windows earlier than windows 8, if you want to get your PC in Safe Mode you have to hit F8 key. But after Windows 8 F8 key does not work properly. This happens because Microsoft has minimized the time periods for F2 and F8 keys which are almost near to the nil interval i.e. less than 200 milliseconds, extremely too short. Due to this reason, you do not get the real time to press F8 key to forward your boot menu and boot Windows 8 into Safe Mode easily. Recently we have written to boot Windows 8 into safe mode directly using the MSConfig tool. But if you enable F8 rebooting windows 8 into safe menu would be uncomplicated. We are presenting here tips that would guide to make F8 key Working so that you can boot Windows 8 into safe mode easily.


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How to Make F8 Key Working to boot Windows 8 into Safe Mode Easily

1. Open an elevated command prompt by hitting Windows Key + X at the same time and click on Command Prompt (Admin).

2. Write the following path and then press Enter button:

bcededit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

2. Then you will see a message The operation completed successfully. Now you would find that F8 key is working in Windows 8. Restart your computer to change the recent setting and then work in safe mode.

3. If you want to reverse the setting then again write the following path and press Enter button:

bcededit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard

Make F8 Key Working to Boot Windows 8 into Safe Mode Easily

4. Then you will again watch a message i.e. The operation completed successfully. Now your settings will be restored again as in your Windows 8 defaults and you are able to Make F8 Key Working to Boot Windows 8 into Safe Mode.

If you want to access the diagnostic and troubleshooting tools and also want to enable the F8 key then you should always mind that your Windows 8 PC would be prompted a few seconds later.

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