How to Know Memory Space used by Apps On Window 8.1 PC

If you have installed so many apps on your windows 8.1 PC that you memory of your PC  is quickly out of room then you should check which app is using more memory Space. It might especially be the case you are using a windows 8.1 tab. There is an easy process to know that how much memory space particular app is using. We are elaborating here  Windows 8.1 tips to see all this and install and uninstall apps to run your PC smoothly.


Note – We are showing the process of being done on a PC so we talk about mouse clicking if you are using a tab then Tap on the screen using finger tip.

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How to Know Memory Space used by Apps On Window 8.1

To begin, press Window key with C button (Win+C) to open the charms bar which stands just in right side of windows screen.

Windows 8.1 setting on charms bar

1. Click on Change PC Setting option on lower right corner.

change pc settings on windows 8.1

You get Search and Apps option. Under Search and Apps you will get app sizes option in the left pane of windows screen.
How to Know Memory Space used by Apps On Window 8.1 PC

This option displays a progress bar determining the app sizes. You will got also a message on PC / Tab screen that how much space is available in your PC / Tab.

How to Know Memory Space used by Apps On Window 8.1 PC

You also look the list of apps which is installed in your PC / TAB that how much memory space  a particular app occupies.

This process helps you to better track your apps on Windows 8.1 PC and Tab as well and avoid running out of space unexpectedly. This process also indicates that how much apps has been installed in Your PC / Tab  using last option where you get the list of the apps with apps storage size. 

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