How to make a fake Geographical Location in Google Chrome

It so happens many times that a particular website requests you to tell them your location. This helps the website to serve more location specific information. Maybe you are searching for good restaurant and the knowledge of your location might help the website suggest good local options.

Let us see that how exactly does a website find your location. Earlier IP addresses helped a website find your location, but with the introduction of HTML5 Geo location API, browsers now can decide your location more accurately through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phone towers, etc. Once you agree to share your location, the browser sends this data to the Google Location Services. The GSL analyses the data and then finalizes your location.

It is possible that you might not want to reveal your geographical location. You have two options in such a case. Either deny the location request or send them a fake location.

In order to send a website your fake location, just follow the given tips:-

Press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I. These shortcuts will open up the Chrome developer tools.

You will spot a settings icon on the lower right menu. Click on it and then switch over to the overrides’ tab. Then enter any latitude longitude co-ordinate you wish to send to the website. Take care that you have checked the Override Geolocation setting and then refresh the page in order to send the locations.

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